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Elementary Program


Science/Social Studies

    In the primary grades, most science and social studies teaching takes place in a thematic, integrated, hands-on Unit Study format. As students progress through the upper elementary, grade level objectives are covered. The Minnesota State Standards guide the curriculum that is covered. Activities such as field trips and speakers are matched to the content and grade level.


Language Arts

    Quality literature is used throughout the school to inspire and demonstrate the importance of ethical behavior. Parents can build upon this foundation by reading to their children and encouraging them to read on a regular basis, to discuss ideas and current events, and to model a love for reading, writing and speaking.
    Through the integrated reading/language arts program, elementary students are taught analytical thinking skills in a multi-sensory approach that provides a foundation for spelling, reading and writing.
    In addition to traditional grammar and phonics-based spelling, students write research papers and complete related projects. Reading instruction includes the use of market curriculum resources including anthologies and leveled readers as well as teacher-made units.



    Saxon Math is used in grades K-6. The program uses incremental learning, that breaks math into easily explained and understood pieces, and incorporates constant review. Students will also learn how to apply what they learn to real life situations through problem solving and integration of math into the rest of the curriculum.



    In addition to the core content, students also learn:
    • Spanish
    • Computer
    • Art
    • Music
    • Physical Education