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Secondary Program

Language Arts

    Quality literature is used throughout the school to inspire and demonstrate the importance of ethical behavior. Parents can continue encouraging students to read on a regular basis, to discuss ideas and current events, and to model a love for reading, writing and speaking.
    In the Secondary program, students continue to work on reading skills by exploring different genres with an emphasis on critical comprehension and analytical thinking skills. There is focus on writing, grammar and speaking to become ready for adult life and post-secondary education options. Whenever possible, students read literature selections based on what is currently being studied in history or science.
    There is an HONORS option available.


Social Studies

    The Minnesota State Standards guide the curriculum that is covered. Activities and expectations are matched to the content and grade level. In order to facilitate multi-aged classrooms in the secondary program, some curriculum offerings for Social Studies rotate on a two-year basis.
    • Grade 7, US Studies
    • Grade 8, Global Studies
    • In grades 9-10, US History rotates with World Geography
    • In grades 11-12, World History rotates with Government/Economics

There is an HONORS option available.



College Preparatory Math

    (CPM) Math is used in grades 7-12. This is a unique program that emphasizes the connected nature of mathematics. Each course consistently weaves strands of topics together so that the connections emerge naturally and can facilitate deeper understanding. Students collaborate in study teams, and the teacher manages and supports learning while guiding students toward the mathematical objectives of the lessons.



    The Minnesota State Standards guide the curriculum that is covered. Activities and expectations are matched to the content and grade level.
    For grades 11 & 12, curriculum offerings for Science rotate on a two-year basis. Science courses in grades 7-10 are the same course offered every year.
    • In grade 7, Life Science
    • In grade 8, Earth Science
    • In grade 9, Intro to Physics
    • In grade 10, Biology
    • In grades 11-12 students select from Chemistry or Physics to complete graduation requirements



    Electives are scheduled on a multi-year rotation and require a minimum class size. Elective course offerings include:
♦ Intro to Computer Science   ♦ Personal Finance   ♦ Statistics   ♦ Anatomy/Physiology
♦ Environmental Science   ♦ Forensics   ♦ Psychology   ♦ Sociology
♦ International Relations   ♦ Civil/Constitutional Law   ♦ Criminal Justice   ♦ Current Issues
♦ Composition   ♦ American Literature   ♦ World & Multicultural Lit   ♦ Journalism
♦ Speech/Communications   ♦ Spanish 1   ♦ Spanish 2   ♦ Spanish 3
♦ Art History & Painting   ♦ Art Publishing   ♦ Graphic Design   ♦ Ceramics
♦ Drawing & Painting   ♦ 3D Metals   ♦ Drama   ♦ Concert Band
♦ Concert Choir   ♦ Jazz Ensemble   ♦ Percussion Ensemble   ♦ Individual Sports
♦ Outdoor Rec   ♦ Team Sports   ♦ Personal Fitness   ♦ Aerobics & Dance
      *Qualified students may also elect to be Teacher Assistants