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PACT is a responsive, community-based K-12 public school built on a committed partnership between parents, students, and teachers striving to achieve strong moral character and excellence in education. The teachers, administration, and students' parents are the sole entity operating the school. In a working partnership they determine the curriculum, schedules, and programs. PACT focuses on the core academics to prepare students for college and life-long learning.

Tony Simons, Executive DirectorWelcome to the PACT Charter School website!

PACT Charter School is a K-12 school of choice that opened in 1994 with a focus on academic rigor, college preparatory, and character development. PACT stands for Parents Allied with Children and Teachers.

As the Executive Director of PACT, my responsibility is to make sure that the mission, vision, and founding principles of PACT Charter School are not compromised. When you choose PACT as your school, you accept and support the mission, vision, and goals of PACT and agree to support them.

PACT has great teachers and staff who really care about students and believe that all students can learn and be successful. Our school climate is to treat each other with dignity and respect. Our goal is to become lifelong learners and be able to achieve to our maximum potential. We are a three way committed alliance in education excellence: Parents Allied with Children and Teachers (PACT) Charter School.

In Your Service,
Tony Simons
Executive Director
PACT Charter School

To Partner as Parents, Students and Staff to cultivate an academically rigorous environment that challenges students to develop positive character qualities as a foundation for personal and intellectual growth.
To develop educationally excellent, engaged citizens, who value life-long learning and are committed to making exceptional contributions to theirever-changing world.

  • Both Elementary and Secondary programs build a strong foundation on core academics.
  • Our rigorous graduation requirements include four years of Language Arts and Social Studies, three years of Math and Science and one year of Foreign Language.
  • PACT students are well prepared for college and life-long learning.

This compact outlines how parents/guardians, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents/guardians will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve their educational goals.

PACT Charter School recognizes that this is a shared responsibility and the strength of this partnership will impact student achievement and success.

  • Parents' authority and responsibility as guardians and primary educators of their children requires commitment of their time, skills,resources, and energy.
  • Students' active commitment to their educationwill determine theirsuccess.
  • Our Teachers' commitment to our children requires that they create a disciplined, dynamic learning environment facilitating the achievement of our educational goals.

We know parents want to be involved in their students' education. Families commit to volunteer a minimum of four hours per month. There are many opportunities

for involvement. We have an on-site nursery service for TA's and other volunteers while they are at school. A Volunteer Coordinator is on staff to help find the right opportunity for all. Some volunteering examples are:

♦ Teachers Assistants (TA)   ♦ Committees
♦ Hot Lunch Servers   ♦ Coaches
♦ Field Trip Chaperones   ♦ Interviewing Teachers
♦ And many more!  
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