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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 Technology Committee Description (TEC)

 Date created: 

 Committee Approval by: 

 Date Approved:

 December 2014






The primary objective of the Technology Committee is to facilitate all facets of the use, application and curriculum integration of technology at PACT Charter School.



Membership:  5 or more parent/guardian, staff and teachers.

As defined in the PACT Curriculum/Program Steering Committee description (see document for full details) this is an open committee with membership being defined by attendance or by position.  Anyone is free to attend meetings and participate when recognized by the chair but only members may vote.

A person must have attended 3 of the preceding 6 meetings to gain or maintain voting privileges (membership at the 3rd meeting upon request).  Designated department representatives have automatic voting privileges (one from elementary, one from secondary and the technology coordinator).

Decisions must be made with a quorum present.  A quorum for the Technology Committee consists of three current members of the committee.


Committee responsibilities include:

  1. Develop and maintain plans and policies relating to technology, data protection and data security with the Technology Coordinator and the Program Steering Committees.
  2. Assist in the maintenance and upgrading of computers, phones and other technological equipment as requested by the Technology Coordinator.
  3. Take an active role in the integration and use of technology in education by reviewing and recommending technology, technology implementation and technology curriculum.
  4. Participate in, review and give recommendations on technology purchasing decisions (e.g. bidding, purchasing, implementation, etc.).
  5. Planning and developing strategies and procedures for the acquisition and implementation of technology assets, including researching options and obtaining bids.
  6. Review technology related compliance requirements of Federal, State and other interested parties.
  7. Be available as a resource to extracurricular groups with technology needs.



The technology committee must be notified of all technology (hardware and software) changes via the Technology Committee via the Technology Coordinator and Technology Chairperson.

All Committees must fulfill the requirements defined in the Committee Policy.