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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 Fundraising Committee Description (FUN)

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  1. To be a resource to the various educational groups within PACT Charter School by offering information on the fundraising opportunities available to these groups.
  2. To approve and coordinate fundraising event requests including those of all internal PACT Committees and Support Organizations to ensure appropriateness and timeliness and to regulate the impact of fundraising events on the PACT community and the community at-large.
  3. To evaluate and approve fundraising funds requests to ensure funds are being used primarily for the educational benefit of PACT students.
  4. To monitor all fundraising income and expenditures.



  1. Quorum consists of at least (3) members which includes one (1) parent and one (1) staff member.
  2. Committee voting privileges are given to members who have attended two (2) of the last three (3) meetings.
  3. Designated department representatives will have automatic voting privileges.



  1. Maintain and publish a master schedule of fundraising events.
  2. Approve fundraising event requests from the Elementary and Secondary Committees and sub-committees; and Support Organizations based on schedule.
  3. Approve fundraising funds requests based upon appropriateness of expenditure ensuring that general fundraising funds are used primarily for the educational benefit of PACT students. Events and expenditures over $500 must be approved by the appropriate Steering Committee.
  4. The Fundraising Line Item Budget Supervisor is responsible for signing off on fundraising reimbursement and check requests and tracking all fundraising efforts throughout PACT Charter School. An annual report should be submitted to the Board detailing items funded and monies raised.
  5. The Business Office will supply an Income/Expense Report which should be reviewed for accuracy and submitted to the Board at least once per quarter.
  6. The Fundraising Chairperson arranges Fundraising Committee meetings every other month and makes sure they are on the PACT School Calendar. These will also be posted publicly.
  7. The person in charge of a given fundraising event will distribute fundraising updates to parents via the PACT School Newsletter. This will include upcoming activities, completed activities, amount of funds raised and how the funds will be/were spent.
  8. Recruit new committee members.
  9. Develop appropriate forms and proposed policies and procedures.
  10. Any fundraising requests with time sensitivity will be forwarded to Steering for approval.