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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 District Advisory Committee Description (DAC)

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 October 2009






The primary purpose of the District Advisory Committee (DAC) is to monitor the continuous academic and nonacademic improvement of PACT Charter School. This will be done by working with administration, staff and the committees of the School Board to analyze data and recommend rigorous academic standards an student achievement goals for school improvement. (Reference MN Statute 120B.11, Subd 3)




The DAC will consist of two or more teachers and/or staff members (with representation from both the elementary and secondary programs), three or more parents, chairpersons/parent designees from the Program and Curriculum Committees, one or more students and community member(s). The executive and program directors and curriculum accountability coordinator will be considered members by position. Parents, community members and students may request membership through administration and are subject to School Board approval. Teachers/staff are selected by administration based upon experience, desire to serve in this capacity and committee needs throughout the school. Teacher/staff committee membership will be rotated every two to three years in a way that maintains a balance of new and returning members. The School Board will confirm the appointments of this committee.

Parent, student and community member committee membership is maintained by attending at least three of the last six meetings, unless a leave is requested and approved by the DAC.

Decisions must be made with a quorum present. A quorum for the DAC consists of three current members of the committee with at least one parent and one teacher member. All approved or appointed members have immediate voting rights upon board approval.



The DAC will report directly to the PACT School Board and work collaboratively with other committees and the executive and program directors toward school improvement goals.



  1. Each member has the responsibility to be familiar with PACT policies and philosophies that are pertinent to the program.
  2. All members have the responsibility to be informed on those items that directly apply to the DAC through regular attendance or reading the minutes/notes from each meeting.
  3. The chair and vice-chair of the DAC shall be elected by the committee in May of each year.
  4. The chair will set the agendas and will communicate with administration on behalf of the committees, review the minutes of the meetings sent by the clerk, and work with committee members to ensure confidentiality of all survey information.
  5. The vice-chair will fill the chair role in the absence of the chair. In addition, the vice-chair will serve as the voice of the DAC when the chair is not available or is needed in two places simultaneously.
  6. The chair or vice-chair will keep minutes for the meeting when the clerk is unavailable. They will also identify action points from each meeting.



  1. The DAC will analyze data and develop recommendations for ongoing school improvement in collaboration with administration and the committees of the Board.
  2. The DAC will approve the annual stakeholders' survey before implementation.
  3. The DAC will analyze and report the annual stakeholder survey results.
  4. The DAC will maintain and recommend approval of such policies as are deemed necessary to complete the committee’s tasks. Such policies shall be subject to School Board approval.
  5. The DAC will recommend to the School Board rigorous academic standards, student achievement goals, district assessments, and program evaluations.
  6. The DAC will work with administration and committees of the Board to request funds as needed to support school improvement.
  7. Minutes will be taken of all meetings delineating major topics, discussion and actions points.
  8. Meeting dates will be posted in advance on the school calendar. A committee calendar will be approved by the School Board prior for the upcoming school year, which will cover August through June. The DAC and SIT will abide by the 207 - Open & Closed Meeting Policy.
  9. The DAC will comply with the Advanced Notice of Agenda Policy, by posting their agendas a minimum of 48 hours in advance of any meeting and indicating which items will require a vote at the meeting.
  10. Voting: All decisions made within these committees will be determined by majority vote. Each committee member will carry one vote



  1. The SIT will implement the annual stakeholder surveys.
  2. The SIT will review the annual report to the Minnesota Department of Education (completed by administration working in collaboration with the curriculum accountability coordinator).
  3. The SIT will monitor the AdvancED accreditation process (renewed every five years – next renewal: 2018).
  4. The SIT will assist with the authorizer (Bethel University) review process (next renewal: 2017).