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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 Personnell Committee Description (PRS)

 Date created: 

 Committee Approval by: 

 Date Approved:

 June 2008
 March 2016 rev






This is an elected committee which represents the parent body of PACT Charter School. This committee reports to the PACT School Board in an advisory capacity.

  • Membership is set at 5-7 elected parents of any current PACT Charter school student(s). Parent elected members shall not have a paid position at the school, nor shall their spouses have a paid position at the school.
  • The Executive Director, a designated Human Resources representative and a designated Program Director are non-voting members. At least one, from each category, is expected to be present at each meeting.
  • A quorum is determined by a simple majority.
  • Parent members are elected through public elections for a term of two (2) years, with overlapping terms.
  • New committee members will be trained in the general tasks of the committee process and interviewing.



The primary purpose of the Personnel Committee is to make advisory recommendations to the Board of Directors on systemic personnel policy matters that affect all PACT employees and to ensure the quality of PACT staff.

  • Assign up to two PRS members to be involved in the hiring process of PACT staff with the Executive Director, Program Directors, Human Resource Representative and the School Board. (PRS members assigned to serve on an interview team, shall be designated to have temporary access to private pre-employment data for the sole purpose of discernment in the hiring process. All access to private employment data by any designated PRS member will terminate upon the completion of each individual hiring.)
  • Review and recommend employee benefits.
  • Support staff through ongoing review and revision of effective policies, procedures, and job descriptions.
  • Approve staff pay scales.
  • Approve the annual personnel budget.



  1. Participate in interviews for the hiring of staff (See 401 - Employment Policy)
  2. Assist in the formation of policy and procedures, with subsequent Board approval, for hiring, interviewing, compensation, staff development, mediation and maintaining of records that are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and all other laws relating to employment in the state of Minnesota.
  3. Develop qualification requirements for the hiring of staff.
  4. Produce and maintain the Employee Handbook to facilitate clear communication of PACT Charter School’s expectations.
  5. Monitor and review deadline compliance such as state and federal required reporting, handbook revisions, and teacher contracts, according to the annual calendar.
  6. Ensure accurate job descriptions exist for all staff.
  7. Approve and recommend to the Board staffing needs and to ensure that the corresponding job descriptions are created for any new positions.
  8. Recommend a yearly budget proposal incorporating the financial requirements of all staffing needs in collaboration with the Budget and Finance Committee.



Any elected member of the Personnel Committee who is absent for three (3) out of the last six (6) regular scheduled meetings of the Personnel Committee will be considered for termination. The Personnel Committee will vote on this removal at their next regularly scheduled meeting, taking into consideration any hardship or extenuating circumstances. If the committee determines that there were no hardships or extenuating circumstances, the committee member will be automatically removed from the committee by majority vote.

Attendance requirements will begin upon the election date of the committee term for purposes of determining when a personnel member reaches the threshold limits for absenteeism, those regularly scheduled meetings canceled by PACT Charter School staff shall be credited to each member as if they had attended.

The Personnel Committee Secretary shall inform the Personnel Committee whenever a committee member has resigned from the committee and said committee member will be automatically removed.

If it has been determined that a member of the committee is no longer considered a member, the Personnel Committee Chair shall then inform the PACT Charter School Board in writing that the position has been declared vacant and a successor member must be promptly appointed to fill the vacancy, based on Board Policy.