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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303
 Communication Administrative Team Description
 Date created: 
 Committee Approval by: 
 Date Approved:
 September 2016
 COM  20171102
 BRD  20171207


PACT Charter School is committed to supporting a positive school climate by promoting open communication with the community. The COM Administrative Team will support a positive school climate by promoting open communication within the community.



The COM Administrative Team is an open committee, with membership being defined by attendance or by position. Parents, students and staff are welcome to attend meetings and participate when recognized by the chair, but only members may vote.

Membership by position:

Designated teachers are considered members by position and have full voting rights and responsibilities. The Executive Director or Program Directors may act as participatory advisors and are able to make motions without voting.

Membership by attendance:

Any PACT staff (including any non-designated teachers), parent of a PACT student, or 18 year-old PACT Charter School student desiring membership must attend two or more of the last four meetings and sign the Conflict of Interest Form. Attendance for any individual meeting will be recognized when a person has been present for more than 90 minutes (or the entire meeting if shorter than 90 minutes). At the second meeting of the last four, a member will have voting rights and responsibilities (see Voting). In order to maintain voting privileges, members must attend two out of the last four meetings.



Each member has the responsibility to be familiar with PACT Policies and Philosophies.

All members have the responsibility to be informed on issues through regular attendance or reading the minutes and other related documents. All members must be familiar with PACT’s Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct and must fill out an annual statement concerning possible conflict of interest to be maintained by the Committee Clerk.

Their committee should elect the COM chairperson annually, in May. In an effort to foster parental involvement and leadership, either the chairperson or vice-chairperson should be a parent, and should collaborate on setting the agenda. Administration shall ensure that essential meetings are held if there is no functioning chairperson or vice-chairperson.



  1. COM shall maintain and approve such policies as are deemed necessary. Such policies shall be subject to Administration and Board approval.
  2. Administration shall receive and consider the decisions of COM to ensure consistency and coordination.
  3. Minutes will be taken of all meetings, be posted within five school days, filed and distributed according to the 105 - Document Management Policy.
  4. COM meeting dates will be posted in advance on the school calendar. COM will make every effort to abide by the times and dates posted. If changes to meeting dates are made, they will be posted at the school and on the school web site five calendar days in advance with notification by email given to committee members, the Administrator and other committee chairs.
  5. COM will comply with the Advanced Notice of Agenda Policy, by posting their agendas a minimum of 48 hours in advance of any meeting and indicating which items will require a vote at the meeting.

See 205 - Governing Entities of PACT Charter School Policy for General Rules of Conduct, Authority and Accountability.



One of the responsibilities of the Executive Director is to advise committees in their work. The Executive Director is to be generally aware of all committee action (through attendance and/or minutes), and may direct any committee to reconsider a decision or policy before implementation or School Board approval. (The School Board will be involved if there is an impasse.)



All votes will be taken by simple majority. If a simple majority vote cannot be achieved on any matter, that matter shall be considered to have failed and can be referred to Administration upon request of 1/3 of the members present (for vote or discussion).



In order to ensure that decisions are being made with adequate input from parents, teachers, administration, staff and students, a quorum is required. A quorum required to start a meeting will be defined as a minimum of three voting members consisting of at least one parent and one teacher. Meetings may be held without the quorum requirement being met for non-voting purposes. This meeting would be for informational and discussion purposes only. If decisions must be made in order to meet emergency timelines (as agreed to by the unanimous vote of the committee and administration), the committee may vote on each item it determines to meet this criterion. An emergency is defined as a decision that cannot wait until the next meeting and must be addressed in order to meet other needs beyond the Administration control.



Decisions made at the COM Administrative Team may be implemented immediately, but are subject to Administration ratification (the Executive Director may halt implementation and request the committee to reconsider a decision based on additional information).



  • Administrative Business – Approve agenda, previous minutes, receive communications, membership review and reminders, review committee description, Conflict of Interest forms, and action item review
  • Ongoing Business – Review annual school goals, committee goals, program director and board liaison reports, recap of previous month communications/events, and updates regarding website, newsletter, social media, and administration communication
  • Officers attend Chair/Clerk Training
  • Review Committee Descriptions for information and to update
  • Sign Conflict of Interest forms
  • Review Climate Survey Results
  • Form 2-3 committee SMART goals (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) based on the Board approved Academic and Non-Academic Goals and/or Goals, Climate Survey, and goals that fit within the purview of the committee.
  • Send Goals/Action items to Administration to send to Board
  • Working session toward committee goals
  • Working session toward committee goals
  • Working session toward committee goals
  • Working session toward committee goals
  • Working session toward committee goals
  • Working session toward committee goals
  • Working session toward committee goals
  • Election of COM officers for the next school year
  • New officers prepare for Chair/Clerk Training over the summer