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PACT Charter School

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 105_Document Management Policy
 Date created:
 Committee Approval by:
 Date Approved:  Reviewed:
  20081229  BRD   20170406  2016-2017


In order to maintain consistency with all forms of documentation used by PACT, this policy provides direction for the creation & modification of school documents.



Formatting Documents (other than policies)

  1. Always use standard report format “I., A., 1., a., etc.
  2. Include line numbers, watermark stating “draft”
  3. Use ‘Track Changes.”
  4. Always use Times New Roman in a font size 12 for main text.


Labeling Documents

Must be sent as a .docx or .rtf file compatible with Microsoft Word

A. Filename Characters:

1.  Do not uses characters anywhere in a filename [ ] / \ = + < > : ; “ , * %
2.  Do not start a filename with a period (.)

Note: Many of these characters are not legal in Windows or UNIX filenames and some may be accepted by the operating system, but lead to unexpected results.

B. Generic Labeling Format: Type of Document (Minutes, Agenda, Board Resolution, Committee Descriptions, Job Description, Contract, Handbook) – Name of Document - YYYYMMDD, followed by the.docx or .xlsx extension.


  • Minutes-BRD-20130920-Approved.docx
  • JobDescription-position-yyyymmdd-Approved.xlsx
  • 102_DocumentManagement-Policy

C. Labeling through review process: As individual committee members make changes to a document, the word “UNAPPROVED” will replace the word “Approved” in the file name. In addition to this, each successive reviewer will add his/her initials, spaced by a dash and tracked changes.

  For example, the above mentioned Board minutes, prior to approval and after review by the secretary and the chair, would be labeled as follows:

  • Minutes-BRD-20130920-UNAPPROVED-bd-jl.docx

Once the committee approves changes, the reviewers’ initials are removed and replaced with the 3-letter designation of the committee and the UNAPPROVED document is sent on to the overseeing committee. After approval at the Board, the label will be updated to the match the generic format, including the new date of Board approval, except in the case of minutes, where the date reflects the date of the meeting at which the minutes were taken.


Filing Documents (See 220 - Policy Review Policy for more information)

PACT will utilize a Series Structure to organize all of the School’s Policies. The approved structure is:

  • 100 – School District Policies
  • 200 – School Board Policies
  • 300 – Finance Policies
  • 400 – Human Resource Policies
  • 500 – Student Policies
  • 600 – Education Program Policies
  • 700 – Non-Instructional Policies
  • 800 – Building & Site Policies



All important PACT Charter School and PCS Building Company documents will be stored in the document repository. The included documents are:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Bylaws
  • Lease Documents
  • Authorizer Contracts
  • Legal Documents
  • Any additional documents deemed necessary by the School Board.



  1. Committee Description Template
  2. Job Description Template (HR Specialist)
  3. Agenda Template