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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303
 206_Committee Development Team Policy
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  20081005  BRD




  1. To contact and encourage candidates to run for the Board of Directors, the Personnel Committee and the Budget and Finance Committee so that voters are assured a choice in casting their votes. It should be the goal of this team to find a minimum of 1 more candidate for each committee than the number of open seats on that committee. In the event that any elected member is unable to complete their term, there would always be another candidate to appoint to the open seat.
  2. To ensure that committee chairs receive adequate training on committee procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Notes: The Committee Development Team is part of the official election process. Nominations for elected positions are not limited to those contacted by this team. Self-nominations or nominations made from within the PACT community are the first preference as a part of the election process. However, this method does not always produce a sufficient number of candidates.



The Committee Development Team shall consist of at least 4 members, made up of one Board member, the Volunteer Coordinator, an administrative office representative (other than the Executive Director), and up to 2 others who have current or past experience serving on an elected committee at PACT.

Responsibilities of the Committee Development Team

  2. Keep under review the (ongoing) need for appointments
  3. If needed, identify, contact and encourage qualified candidates for the Board of Directors, the Personnel Committee and the Budget and Finance Committee according to the established election timeline. Seek a balance of experience and abilities on the elected committees.
  4. Report progress to the Board of Directors after each meeting.
  5. Update records of the committee member search annually.
  6. Ensure that committee chairs have training annually on committee procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Responsibilities of the School Board

  1. Appoint Committee Development Team members in January for the upcoming school year.
  2. Follow up with the team chair to ensure that meetings are held.
  3. Review meeting summary.

Responsibilities of Administrative Office Representative

To provide general support for the Team.



As called by the Volunteer Coordinator at least two times annually.