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PACT Charter School

7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303
 204_Board Member Training
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  20151203  BRD  20170406  2016-2017


PACT CHARTER SCHOOL requires Board members to participate in training below and in compliance with Minnesota Charter School Law.



  1. Timing and Content of Training. All new Board members shall attend initial training on the board's role and responsibilities, employment policies, and practices, and financial management.
  2. Training Required. Every member of the Board of PACT CHARTER SCHOOL shall attend annual training throughout the member's term on the board.
  3. Consequences for Failure to Attend Training. A new Board member who does not begin the required initial training within six months after being seated and complete that training within 12 months of being seated on the board is automatically ineligible to continue to serve as a Board member. The school shall include in its annual report the training attended by each Board member during the previous year.
  4. Tracking Training. All Board members are required to enter the training the completed on the Board website. The vice chair of the board will help track Board members progress to ensure they have completed the required training.


Legal Reference:

Minn. Stat. §124E.07, subd. 7 (Charter School law)

 Board Member Training Report Form