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PACT Charter School

7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 208_Executive Director Hiring, Supervision and Evaluation

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that PACT CHARTER SCHOOL has processes in place governing the hiring, supervision and evaluation of the Executive Director.



The Board of PACT CHARTER SCHOOL hereby adopts this policy to ensure that the Executive Director possesses the necessary skills and experience to effectively and successfully manage PACT CHARTER SCHOOL.



The qualification of the Executive Director of PACT CHARTER SCHOOL shall include experience with or knowledge of at least the following areas:

  1. Instruction and assessment;
  2. Human resource and personnel management;
  3. Financial management;
  4. Legal and compliance management;
  5. Effective communication; and
  6. Board, authorizer, and community relationships.
  7. Hold a valid administrative license.



The job description of the Executive Director shall contain at least the following responsibilities:

  1. Oversight of instruction and assessment at PACT CHARTER SCHOOL;
  2. Oversight of human resource and personnel management at PACT CHARTER SCHOOL;
  3. Oversight of financial management of the school PACT CHARTER SCHOOL;
  4. Oversight of legal and compliance management for PACT CHARTER SCHOOL;
  5. Oversight of effective communications between staff, board, authorizer and the community; and
  6. Oversight of board, authorizer, and community relationships.



The job description shall be provided to the Executive Director at the start of employment. If the Executive Director’s contract extends beyond one year, the School Board shall review the job description and update it as necessary.

The job description shall be the basis for performance evaluations, which shall be conducted by the School Board at least annually.



The Board and the Executive Director shall develop a professional development plan. Documentation of the implementation of the professional development plan shall be included in PACT CHARTER SCHOOL’s annual report.


Legal Reference:

Minn. Stat. §124E.12, subd 2 (Charter School Law)