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PACT Charter School

7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 301_Gifts to School Officials Policy

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It is the purpose of this policy to address gifts to PACT Charter School’s personnel.



From time to time students, parents and community groups may desire to show their appreciation to PACT Charter School employees and Board members.  This is very much appreciated. However, gifts to Board Directors, superintendents, principals or district school officers (hereinafter “Prohibited School Officials”) are prohibited under Minn. Stat. § 471.895. Items which are “nominal” in value are generally not considered impermissible gifts no matter who they are given to or who the giver is.



  1. "Gift” means money, real or personal property, a service, a loan, a forbearance or forgiveness of indebtedness, or a promise of future employment, that is given  without something  of equal or greater value being received in return. (Minn. Stat. § 10A.071).
  2. “Prohibited School Officials” means Board Directors, Executive Directors, Program Directors and Administrative Department Heads.



Prohibited School Officials shall not accept a gift from a student, parent or community member or community group if the gift is valued at more than five dollars. This prohibition is greater than that required by statute (applies only to “lobbyist” and “principal” making the gift) but is instituted to avoid the appearance of impropriety or to avert engagement in a potential conflict of interest.



The following items are permissible gifts to Prohibited School Officials:

  1. A plaque with a resale value of $5 or less;
  2. A trinket or memento costing $5 or less;
  3. Informational material with a resale value of $5 or less;
  4. Services of insignificant monetary value;
  5. Services to assist an official in the performance of official duties, including but not limited to providing advice, consultation, information, and communication in connection with legislation, and services to constituents;
  6. Food or beverage given at a reception, meal, or meeting if the reception, meal or meeting is held away from the recipient’s place of work by an organization before whom the recipient appears to make a speech or answer questions as part of the program.



This policy does not prohibit teachers and other staff from accepting gifts of reasonable value so long as they are not serving as a Prohibited School Official.



This policy does not apply to gifts given to Prohibited School Officials by personal friends, family members or others where the reason for the gift does not arise out of the employee or Board member’s employment or service with PACT Charter School. As well, any stipends that Board Directors receive for their service is not considered a violation of this policy.


Legal References:

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