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PACT Charter School

7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 424_Health Insurance Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to comply with terms of the Minnesota Health Insurance Transparency and Accountability Act applicable to charter schools.



PACT Charter School will follow the guidelines set forth in this policy when procuring group health insurance coverage for its employees.



PACT Charter School will request sealed proposals for group health insurance coverage from a minimum of three sources at least every two years. The requests for the proposals shall occur at a reasonable time before the date specified by administration to open the sealed proposals.



  1. Administration will open all sealed proposals at the same time on the date specified by administration. This date shall be a reasonable time prior to the plan’s renewal date.
  2. Administration will make a recommendation to the school board on which bid appears to be in the best of interest of school.
  3. Administration will notify employees covered by the group health insurance before the effective date of the changes in group health contract.
  4. Upon the opening of the proposals, the content of the proposals becomes public data under Minn. Stat. Chapter 13


Legal References:

Minn. Stat. §124E (Charter School Law)