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PACT Charter School

7250 E. Ramsey Pkwy
Ramsey, MN 55303

 426_Open Door Policy

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 20151218 (major revisions)






The Open Door Policy is to provide a process that will permit all stakeholders to raise general concerns, issues, or conflicts regarding the school, its students, staff, administration, and other stakeholders without fear of retaliation or reprisal. It is also the School’s policy to require members of PACT Charter School to provide clear, timely, and final response to all concerns raised by stakeholders in accordance with this policy, or to forward those concerns to the appropriate personnel within the School or to outside resources secured by the School.The overall objectives of this policy are: to provide an outlet for stakeholders to resolve concerns in a safe, constructive, and professional manner; to ensure healthy communication throughout the organization; and to bring potential concerns to resolution in a timely manner.


426 - Open Door Procedure