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 401_Employment Policy

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Employment is a shared responsibility at the Parents Allied with Children and Teachers (PACT) Charter School, District #4008. The HR & Finance Manager, the Executive Director, the Personnel Committee, the Program Directors, and the School Board will work cooperatively together throughout the entire employment process.

PACT Charter School will employ or contract with necessary teachers, as defined by Minnesota Statute section 125.03, subdivision 1, who hold valid licenses to perform the particular service for which they are employed in the school. The school will employ necessary employees who are not required to hold teaching licenses to perform duties other than teaching and may contract for other services, as needed.




An open position results from an approved budgeted addition to staff or for an approved budgeted replacement for an employee who has either left PACT Charter School or has transferred into another position within PACT Charter School.


Sourcing is the process used to identify potential job candidates. The HR & Finance Manager will source qualified individuals. Administration and the HR & Finance Manager, with the assistance of the Personnel Committee, may determine where the best potential candidates can be identified. Sourcing efforts will include:

  1. Internal PACT Charter School employees, volunteers, and other individuals affiliated with PACT Charter School. Sourcing efforts may include:
    • Posting an announcement listing current, approved position openings
    • Putting a notice in the PACT Charter School newsletter
    • Listing the job opening on the website
  2. External candidates. Sourcing efforts may include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    • Encouragement of employee referrals from current employees, volunteers, parents, and other individuals affiliated with PACT.
    • Previous applicants file.
    • List the open position with the State of Minnesota Job Service.
    • Newspaper advertisements, such as the local ABC Shopper, Anoka/Blaine/Coon Rapids newspapers and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
    • College placement services at both public and private educational institutions.
    • Internet help wanted advertising domains, such as and others.
    • Participation at Job Fairs and Career Fairs.


An applicant is a person who meets one or more of the following definitions:

  • All current employees, volunteers, or other individuals affiliated with PACT Charter School who submit an electronic application including resume, educational experience, work experience, certificates and licenses and references for a current, approved open position.
  • Candidates, who submit an electronic application including resume, educational experience, work experience, certificates and licenses and references for a current, approved open position.
  • Individuals selected, based upon their qualifications from a group of electronic applications, mail-in resumes or any other source, which we contact to consider for employment.

All applicants must submit a formal application through the approved application management system.


All applicants must sign a waiver acknowledging that their employment data is being disclosed to the hiring team.

It is the shared responsibility of the HR & Finance Manager, Administrator, and the Personnel Committee to screen and interview qualified applicants. In general, applicants will be initially screened by phone, generally an expanded interview team made up of Administration, Human Resource Representative, Teaching Representative, Personnel Committee Representative (or other appropriate committees and/or staff) will make the final selection from the most qualified applicants. Everyone involved in the interviewing process should ensure that schedules are met and that all interviewees are treated courteously. Interview team members should commit to attending the interviews for all final candidates for a position.

Personnel Committee Members assigned to an interview team shall have limited temporary access to private employment data during the hiring process.


Candidates for the PACT Charter substitute teacher pool may not be required to complete the entire interviewing process. Candidates may be selected for addition to the substitute pool through a streamlined process provided they meet the following requirements:

  • Completed online application
  • Phone screen by a Human Resources representative.
  • Reference check and license verification (if applicable.)
  • Completed background check on file prior to start.

Applicant Interview Expenses are the sole responsibility of the applicant.


Selection of the most qualified candidate for a position is based primarily on job related criteria. All members of the final, expanded interview team will have one vote in the final selection. Other factors that must be considered as a contingency of an employment offer include:

  • As required by certain positions, such as teaching positions, current and valid Minnesota Teaching licensure.
  • Acceptable results of Criminal Background Checking.
  • As required by certain positions, such as School Bus Driver, acceptable results of Drug Testing and Physical Exam.
  • PACT Charter School’s ability to make certain accommodations to employ a person with disability-related work restrictions.
  • Acceptable results of reference checks.
  • As required by certain positions, verification of education and teaching experience.


  • Interview team members must commit to attending all the interviews for all final candidates for a position.
  • Interview team members that have a conflict of interest (conflict of interest for the purpose of interviewing is defined as a relationship or nexus that may affect or to appear to affect the design, conduct or outcome of the interview), shall disclose this conflict prior to the interview process and may participate in the discussion regarding the applicant, but may be requested to leave the room when a conflict of interest exists. Voting rights shall be relinquished if a conflict of interest exists. Whenever possible, team members are discouraged from the interview team if a known conflict of interest exists.


The Hiring Team should come to a conclusion about the applicant that should be extended an employment offer. The Hiring Team will base the hiring decision on a majority vote. Human Resources will provide the agreed upon applicant with a contingent employment offer

1. Contingent Offer of Employment

All offers of employment must be extended to the final candidate as a Contingent Offer of Employment.

Exception: Personnel on the current substitute list that have already complied with all employment-related requirements for the current school year.

2. Offer Contingencies

Employment Offers may be extended, pending acceptable results of contingencies.

  • As required by certain positions, such as a teaching position, current and valid Minnesota Teacher licensure.
  • Acceptable results of Criminal Background Checking.
  • As required by certain positions, such as School Bus Driver, acceptable results of Drug Testing and Physical Exam.
  • PACT Charter School’s ability to make certain accommodations to employ a person with disability-related work restrictions.
  • Final approval by the Personnel Committee and the PACT Charter School Board.
  • Acceptable results of reference checks.
  • Enrollment in PACT Charter School’s direct deposit program.
  • As required by certain positions, verification of education and teaching experience.
  • At Will employment, unless duly noted on a contract.

3. Final Offer of Employment

A Final Offer of Employment should be extended to the candidate as a written offer, an Offer Letter. The Offer Letter supersedes any oral promises made by anyone except the signatory of the letter.

The candidate should be given an appropriate length of time, usually 3-5 business days, to either accept or decline the Final Offer of Employment. Upon completion of the written offer letter, a Human Resource Representative may contact the applicant and read the offer letter to the candidate. PACT Charter School may mail, e-mail or contact the applicant by phone to extend an offer of employment. The candidate, after receiving the Offer Letter accepts or declines the position verbally to the HR & Finance Manager.

Offers may be extended with the contingency of verification of previous teaching experience. Previous teaching experience outside of PACT Charter School will be issued for full academic years of service at a rate of 1 year per step, however if greater than ten years of teaching, steps one through nine will be given at the regular step rate and 10 years or greater will be given at the rate of one step for every two years of teaching experience. For the purposes of calculating placement on the salary schedule, FTE (full time equivalency) will be based on the service provided as a 1.0 FTE Teacher.


Based on the employment definition, either the employee or the school may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause and with or without notice.


Minimum Age
PACT Charter School will only employ persons of a legally employable age, per Minnesota State Law employment guidelines.

Other Contingencies – Employment Standards
PACT Charter School will only utilize job-related Contingency Employment Standards in the recruitment and selection of candidates for employment. For example: PACT Charter School will not:

  • Obtain a Consumer Credit Report on an applicant without first disclosing to the applicant that a consumer credit report will be requested regarding the applicant’s credit history. PACT will explain to the applicant the job-related nature of the request.
  • Use Polygraph Tests (lie detector) as a selection tool in the employment process.
  • Use Drug Testing, Physical Exams, or other related tests except for certain designated and required positions, such as School Bus Driver.


Job evaluation is the process used to properly classify a position in terms of an appropriate title, appropriate job description, salary and status. PACT Charter School evaluates positions based on the actual job duties and responsibilities performed. If there is no match within existing titles, a new title and description will be developed. PACT Charter School will routinely evaluate positions and the correlating job description.

A job evaluation may be initiated if:

  • An employee's level of responsibility and decision-making authority has increased.
  • Significant changes in the duties associated with the position have occurred.
  • Restructuring and job evaluation has occurred.
  • Needs and initiatives necessitate staffing changes.
  • A reduction in workforce is planned.

PACT Charter School Administration, in conjunction with Personnel, initiates job evaluation requests.

When requesting a job evaluation, the following may be required:

  1. Examples of independent decisions this position might be expected to make.
  2. Specific skills, technical and/or creative expertise needed for a person to be fully functional in this position (i.e., experience in computer maintenance, experience counseling students, etc.).
  3. Significant changes which have occurred in the position duties and level of responsibility over the past 6 months to 1 year. Include any anticipated changes in the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  4. The minimum qualifications a candidate must possess upon hire to adequately perform the duties of this position (these must be specifically related to the job duties). Desired skills, experience, training, or education may be added.
  5. When appropriate, information regarding any external factors (e.g., market conditions and retention/turnover figures) is helpful.
  6. Comments reflecting which job titles and/or individual positions are perceived to most closely compare to the position being reviewed and which titles/positions are perceived to be above/just below the level of the position being reviewed.
  7. The minimum supervisory responsibilities that are associated with the position and the minimum qualifications that are required to hold a supervisory position.
  8. The nature/types/levels of internal and external contacts and the purpose for those contacts. (Note: Exclude individuals to whom the position reports and individuals that are subordinate to the position.)
  9. Perspective of how the position fits into the organizational structure of the unit.
  10. Other positions in the unit, which might be impacted by a change in this position title.

The following outcomes are possible: retaining the position's present classification, reclassifying the position to a different title and/or pay range (higher or lower).

Reclassification may occur for the following reasons;

  1. The nature and variety of the work, difficulty of the work, authority and responsibility exercised, extent of the work has changed.
  2. Supervisory controls over the work and qualification requirements of the work have been modified.

A position’s compensation is related to the level of duties performed. If higher-level duties were assigned as a result of restructuring, the position’s compensation would be expected to increase. Likewise, if duties and responsibilities decrease, then compensation may be reevaluated.