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PACT Charter School
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Ramsey, MN 55303
 524_Acceptable Use Policy
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 May 2006  JPC  20170817  2017-2018
 BRD  20170907

 (The form is to be signed annually, on paper by all students and online by all parents within the 1st week of school).

Use of Technology/Internet

Students are personally responsible for their behavioral choices in using any technology at school. Access to equipment and network services is a privilege granted to students who act in a responsible manner. The school provides staff and technology to assist students to follow this policy in order to protect students from materials considered harmful to minors. Network and computer storage systems may be reviewed by school staff to maintain service integrity and ensure responsible use, including email, apps, and documents. Students need a pass from a teacher to use any school computers outside of regular school hours (8 a.m.-3:05 p.m.) The teacher must vouch for the activity of the student user and remain in close proximity during use. These guidelines also apply to personally owned technology used within the school building. (Note: Items may be confiscated if used inappropriately.)

Students may not:

  • Search, send, display, or print offensive messages, pictures, or obscene language.
  • Change or alter in any way school device settings (including screen savers, icons, and programs).
  • Access programs or websites not intended for a specific class without permission.
  • Tamper with or damage computers, systems, networks, or other technology tools.
  • Violate copyright laws including loading or copying copyrighted software for personal or shared use.
  • Use or attempt to acquire another's password.
  • Trespass in another's folders, media, work, or files.
  • Intentionally waste limited resources (i.e. disk space, paper, bandwidth, etc.)
  • Load unauthorized software or apps on school devices (i.e. games, P2P file sharing such as Bit Torrent, web browsers, VPN and proxy services, etc.)
  • Use the network or devices for commercial or illegal purposes.
  • Use personal email, instant messaging, or social media websites during class in any way (without specific permission from the teacher and for educational purposes only). Note: All students are assigned a school email for school related purposes which they are to utilize for communicating with teachers, storing and transferring files, etc.
  • Disclose, use, or disseminate personal information about oneself or any other person without specific permission from teacher or parent.
  • Record, photograph or video other students or school employees on school property, on a school bus or at school-sponsored activities without their knowledge and consent, except for activities considered to be in the public arena (e.g. sporting events, public meetings, academic competitions or public performances). Recording, photographing or making video of others is strictly prohibited in locker rooms, dressing rooms, health offices and restrooms, where individuals have every expectation of privacy.
  • Disrupt another student’s right to learn by interfering with another’s device, account, or property.
  • Bring electronic devices to the school building or events must comply with the PACT 525 - Electronic Devices (Student) Policy.

Violations may result in restriction or loss of technology privileges as well as other disciplinary, financial, and/or legal action.

PACT uses web-based tools for students and staff, such as Google Apps for Education, to provide email, word processing, and other education services that require personally identifiable information about your students, which may include their email address, name, grade, and teacher. PACT will notify you by letter, newsletter, or web site of the web-based tools used with your students, if any, in addition to the Google Apps. Parents may request, in writing, that their child’s access cease and accounts removed.

See current PACT Charter School Family Handbook for more information

(Please sign signature page and return to your Advisor Teacher by the end of the first week of school.)