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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303
 528_Removal of Students with IEPs
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 20150928  SEAC | JPC  -- | 20171116
 BRD  20171207


The purpose of this policy is to set forth provisions related to the removal of students with IEPs from school by police officers.



PACT CHARTER SCHOOL expects all students to be in school so that learning can occur. However, when the behavior of a student endangers or may endanger the health, safety, or property of the student, other students, staff members, or school property, school staff may remove the student from school grounds or may request that police remove the student from school grounds.



If a student with an IEP is restrained or removed by police at the request of a school administrator or school staff person during the school day twice in a 30-day period, the student’s IEP team must meet to determine if the student’s IEP is adequate or if additional evaluation is needed.
School personnel may report a crime committed by a student with an IEP to appropriate authorities in the same manner that school personnel would report a crime committed by a student without an IEP.

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