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PACT Charter School
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 603.1_Credit Recovery Policy

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 February 2014






Making up lost credit

Secondary Students who lose required graduation credits due to failing classes will be expected to make up the credits at PACT in a following year.  If it is not possible to make up the credit lost while at PACT, a student may:

  • enroll in summer school at their home district or online school after age 16
  • attend an Alternative Learning Center for night school


Summer School

Unless otherwise indicated, summer school is not offered at PACT Charter School. If a student is behind in credits, it is the parent and student’s responsibility to find an approved institution that offers the needed course(s) at the family’s expense if applicable. The Guidance Counselor may be able to offer options available for the family to pursue. Credit will be determined based on credit transfer criteria once the transcript has been received.


Summer Credit Guidelines

In order to meet eligibility requirements for summer school, the student must be 16 or older and short on credits for a diploma.

The coursework must be pre-approved by the Guidance Counselor. PACT must receive a transcript at the conclusion of the coursework.

  1. No fees will be paid by PACT Charter School for this coursework
  2. Credits will be determined based on the transcript.  A letter grade MUST be given. (No pass/fail credits)