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PACT Charter School
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 603_Grading, Achievement and Advancement Policy

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 20130228, 20140123, 20140227, 20150315





This policy is to explain how grades will be calculated to identify academic achievement recognition and advancement/promotion.


Weighted grades will be used for all students in grades 7-12 to determine grade point averages. Weighted grades will be used to calculate Honor Roll in grades 7-12. In grades 9-12, it will be used to calculate cumulative grade point average, Honor Roll, Graduation Honors, Class Rank, Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Academic Letters.

A. Grading Scale

Grades for HONORS, CIS, and PSEO courses are weighted differently for GPA calculation. HONORS courses will receive an additional 0.2 added to the earned grade value so that an "A" is worth 4.2. This weight is applied through a grade of “C+”. A grade of “C” or lower in an HONORS course will not carry weight. CIS and PSEO courses will receive an additional 0.4 added to the earned grade value so that an “A” is worth 4.4. This is applied until the grade for the class is a "C" where it would receive only 0.2 more than the traditional class. A grade of “C-“or lower for CIS or PSEO courses will not carry weight.





 A  93 or higher  4.000  4.200  4.400
 A-  90 or higher  3.667  3.876  4.067
 B+  87 or higher  3.333  3.533  3.733
 B  83 or higher  3.000  3.200  3.400
 B-  80 or higher  2.667  2.867  3.067
 C+  77 or higher  2.333  2.533  2.733
 C  73 or higher  2.000  2.000  2.200 (+0.2)
 C-  70 or higher  1.667  1.667  1.667
 D+  67 or higher  1.333  1.333  1.333
 D  63 or higher  1.000  1.000  1.000
 D-  60 or higher  0.667  .0667  .0667
 F  Less than 60  0.000  0.000  0.000

A passing grade earned in a pass/fail class is converted to a letter grade equivalent to the average of all grades earned by the student for the semester and will be reflected by a small letter grade on the student’s transcript.

B. Incomplete

A student will receive an Incomplete if they have been unable to complete assignments due to extenuating circumstances and they have made special arrangements with their teacher(s).

    1. The teacher(s), parent and Program Director will agree to a timeline for work to be completed on a case-by-case basis. Timely receipt of incomplete grades for 1st semester may impact class rank.
    2. Students who simply fail to complete assignments will not be eligible to receive an Incomplete. They will receive a zero for those assignments and the grade will be calculated accordingly.
    3. Parents will be notified of any grades or Incomplete given at the end of the semester.



A. Honor Roll

PACT recognizes students’ academic efforts and awards honor roll in the following manner:

1. “A” Honor Roll = 3.667 grade point average and higher (per semester)
2. “B” Honor Roll = 2.667 grade point average and higher (per semester)

Weighted grades will be used to calculate grade point average.

B. Honors Program

Honors courses, when offered, may be available to all secondary students. These courses require more challenging work within the regular classroom. Students will be required to complete an application process in order to participate. Only two courses per student at the Honors level are recommended at one time. Honors courses are calculated according to the weighted grading scale. A student must receive a grade of “C+” (77%) or higher in order to earn Honors credit in any given class.

1. Prerequisites
    In order to qualify for enrollment in an Honors course a student must have all of the following:

a) Earned a "B" or better in the last related course (whether standard or Honors) for which they are applying for Honors credit.

b) At least one teacher recommendation that indicates proven self-motivation and the ability to work independently.

c) Honors contract signed by student and parent/guardian.

2. Benefits of Honors

a) Students are challenged beyond the standard curriculum.
b) Students have the opportunity to earn a higher Grade Point Average (GPA).
c) In grades 9-12, GPA is used in determining class rank.
d) Students will have an enhanced high school transcript.

3. General Expectations

a) Students have until the end of the first week to elect into the Honors section of the course, in compliance with current PACT schedule change guidelines.

b) At the teacher’s discretion, Honors students may be reassigned to the standard section of the course at any time prior to the first progress report (typically 3-4 weeks into the semester). Any Honors student determined to have participated in academic dishonesty and/or plagiarism will automatically become ineligible for the Honors course in which the incident took place.

c) Honors students may use different rubrics for similar activities or be assigned alternate projects.

d) Honors students will do more challenging work than the standard course expectations in order to earn the elevated GPA.

4. Logistics

a) Class lists will reflect students choosing Honors.
b) Each teacher will:

  • Provide an Honors syllabus (including a calendar/timeline of due dates).

Note: This may be an attachment to the standard syllabus.

  • Facilitate parent/teacher communication (ensuring the return of the signed Honors contract and distribution of progress reports).
  • Work with the other teachers to provide consistency between other Honors courses within the department.

c) Honors work will be integrated into the standard classroom through the differentiation of instruction in one of three ways:

  • Content - Honors students will be covering different, more advanced material than the students enrolled in the standard section of the course. They may be required to choose from alternative lists of assignments and book lists.
  • Process - Honors students will cover the same content as the standard course, but they may do so using different means, which will typically reflect higher-level thinking skills.
  • Product - Honors students will complete different assignments/projects than the standard course. This may include, but is not limited to, tiered assignments, project menus, integration matrixes, etc.

C. Academic Lettering

The MAEF (Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation) was created by Minnesota Statute 121.612 to promote and recognize academic excellence in Minnesota schools. Programs now exist which recognize the potential of students and educators who are allowed to step beyond typical expectations, to risk, and to achieve. Academic lettering programs contribute substantially to the affirmation of individual student achievement and to the institutionalization of the culture which values academic excellence.

PACT Charter School continues to promote high academic standards in our efforts to prepare students for college and lifelong learning.

PACT Charter School Academic Lettering Goals:

  • To improve student self-esteem
  • To reward excellence
  • To provide peer and community recognition
  • To improve societal and cultural views of academic excellence
  • To raise curricular expectations for all students
  • To provide academic role models
  • To validate the efforts of academic achievers
  • To increase the pride for academic achievement

The primary purpose of the Academic Recognition program at PACT Charter School is to make superior academic achievement an integral part of our students’ value system. We believe that this recognition will give students a greater desire to reach for and attain academic success and will increase the number of students who can perform at superior levels in our school.

Athletics and the arts have traditionally lettered in their respective events. Academic letters will be awarded for superior achievement in academic endeavors.

GPA  Length of Time Specific Classes Required Classes taken at specific location / time  Eligibile  Award  Additional
 3.67 or higher (equivalent to the "A" Honor Roll) 2 consecutive semesters (Only 9th through 12th grade semesters included) Must be meeting graduation requirements

CIS/PSEO grades are eligilble.

Transfer grades are not eligible.

9th through 12th grade eligible.

7th and 8th receive a certificate (but no letter)

Letter provided by the school + pin of Knowledge.

(Each consecutive receives a bar.

No Level III Discipline offenses during the semester of eligiblity.

Note: It is the intent of the school to award academic letters in the spring for the fall and previous spring (due to grades not being received in time). In the following fall, students would be recognized during awards ceremonies for the previous spring and fall.



A. Course Advancement (Secondary Only)

Math and Spanish are subjects that are sequential in learning and require understanding of subject matter for advancement. Students who receive a passing grade in a sequential course will be required to enroll in the next sequential course offered. A student who receives a passing grade in one of these courses but wishes to retake the class can do so only with teacher and administrative approval. Incoming transfer students will be required to take a placement test in both Spanish (if taken previously) and Math (for Algebra 1 and above) to determine appropriate placement.

B. Grade Promotion (7/8 Only)

In order to advance to the next grade level, all students in grades 7 and 8 MUST meet the following requirements:

a) Pass at least one semester of each core class (Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts.
b) Pass no less than 5/7 or 71% of the total classes.

An appeal may be made to Administration with the goal of changing the pattern of behavior and promoting student success. Administration will gather feedback from the teachers of the student’s core classes and from data and information collected from the Child Study Team (CST) or the Individual Education Plan (IEP) Team prior to making a final decision on retention.

C. Elementary Student Retention

The mission of PACT Charter School is to provide children with the best possible environment for learning. Because of the uniqueness and special needs of each child, additional time may be needed for a child to reach a level of maturity or skill development in order to be successful in the next level. Therefore, PACT Charter School provides a child with the opportunity to be retained in a level classroom when retention is judged by parents and professional staff to be more beneficial to the child than promotion.