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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303
 604_Graduation Requirements Policy
 Date created: 
 Committee Approval by:
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 201402102  SPC  20171026  2017-2018
 BRD  20171102

Graduation Requirements

The minimum credits needed to graduate vary per graduation year due to changes in state standards. Students are required to fulfill the total credits needed for graduation according to the following content areas in the chart below. There are 29 credits available for full time students during their high school years, 9th through 12th grade.

 PACT Charter School Graduation Credit Requirements 
 Grad Year  2017
  2018 +
 Lanugage Arts 4 4
 Social 4 4
 Math (Algebra 2)  3 3
 Science 3 3
 Foreign Language 1 1
 PE/Health 1 1
 Fine Arts 1 1
 Advisory 1 1
 Electives 7 7
Minimum Requirements: 25 25

One credit is equivalent to a full-year or completion of two semesters of a course that meets daily.


Further Graduation Requirement information:

  • Actual credit values for transfer students may differ from these requirements (refer to 603.2_Transfer Credit Policy). The intent for transfer students is for them to have taken the equivalent of the course work listed above.
  • CIS/PSEO credits are calculated at a ratio of 4:1 PACT credits.
  • A 3-credit CIS/PSEO course is adequate to meet a one-year PACT graduation requirement in a specific area, although it will transfer to PACT as 0.75 credits. The additional .25 credits need to be met through electives.
  • The total number of credits required for graduation is the same for all PACT students.
  • Pre-High School Students who successfully complete a high school course will be given high school credit.
  • The Fine Arts requirement may be met by taking two semesters (or a combination of two) of music, dance, theater, visual arts or media arts. PACT has numerous elective options (over a four-year period) that meet these requirements.
  • Advisory credit is earned as a quarter credit each year. Any deficiencies in Advisory credit must be made up through elective credits.
  • 3 credits of Math with a minimum of Algebra 2.
  • 4 credits of Social Studies need to be met in:
    • U.S. History (1 credit)
    • Geography (1 credit)
    • World History (1 credit)
    • Government & Citizenship (0.5 credit)
    • Economics (0.5 credit)
  • 3 credits of Science need to be met in:
    • Biology (1 credit)
    • Physics, Intro to Physics or Chemistry (1 credit)
    • Additional Science (1 credit)
  • If the graduation requirements are not completely met, a student may participate in graduation activities without receiving a diploma if they meet the following criteria:
    • They are no more than 1.0 credit short in the total required areas or overall credits.

Diplomas are mailed after the graduation ceremony pending final grades and transcript reviews.


Legal References:

Minn. Statute §120B.024 (Credits)
Minn. Statute §124D.9, subd. 12 (PSEO Credits)
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