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PACT Charter School
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 601_Elementary / Secondary Curriculum Materials Approval Policy

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This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by a joint session, which consists of the members of the Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Committees (ECC and SCC).

In this document the use of the word “parent” automatically implies the word “guardian”.


Curriculum Review at PACT Charter School

Curriculum Review is the jointly-held responsibility of PACT parents, faculty and staff to review and approve curriculum materials used for PACT classes and student learning. Curriculum materials can be textbooks, resource books, literature, videos/DVDs (VCR, DVD, or other formats), music, computer software, audio recordings or other visual and textual materials valuable to a course or class curriculum. “Review” is a process of testing the value, relevance and alignment of curriculum materials in relation to PACT values and standards. This Policy provides comprehensive guidance for curriculum review principles and practices and specific guidance for each program’s special needs.


PACT Mission and Vision Statements

Mission: To Partner as Parents, Students and Staff to cultivate an academically rigorous environment that challenges students to develop positive character qualities as a foundation for personal and intellectual growth.

Vision: To develop educationally excellent, engaged citizens, who value life-long learning and are committed to making exceptional contributions to their ever-changing world.


Curriculum Philosophies

We choose curriculum material for PACT programs designed to inspire and demonstrate the importance of ethical behavior and positive character development. Our students need great thoughts to ponder. Reading good literature provides an excellent model for writing and brings out curiosity and enthusiasm that encourages a life-long love of reading. Students should work steadily through a well-chosen book, thus becoming acquainted with its flow and use of language. Curriculum is designed to challenge our students to become articulate, critical thinkers and to prepare them to continue their studies at post-secondary institutions. Curriculum materials, including all extra credit materials for which PACT credit is given, should be reviewed and evaluated against the mission of PACT Charter School.

A consideration in selecting curriculum material is its adherence to PACT’s philosophies in the area of behavior and sex/drug education. Our 620 - Abstinence, Sex, and Drug Education Policy is based on the premise that parents are the primary educators of their children and therefore this is the primary responsibility of the parent(s). When it is necessary for this topic to be addressed at school, any materials on sexuality will focus strictly on "abstinence until marriage". Additionally, swearing and inappropriate language are generally not tolerated. Curriculum materials that promote or trivialize behavior contrary to PACT’s philosophies and behavior expectations would typically not be approved.

We also believe that students learn better when subjects are integrated. Therefore, we seek to select materials that reinforce the interdisciplinary approach of PACT’s curriculum.

In addition, it is our philosophy at PACT to present viewpoints that challenge students to think critically about current and historical events and issues. It is not our intent to challenge family-supported ideology, but rather to equip students to understand and respect other people’s situations, perspectives and beliefs and then to articulate their own beliefs. We maintain this philosophy is best supported when conversations can be influenced by the nurture of parental viewpoints and the guidelines of PACT's Mission Statement.

The ECC and SCC will be responsible for establishing an ongoing process for educational program development, evaluation, and improvement. Timelines shall be determined by the Committee that will provide for periodic reviews of each curriculum area.

In accordance with PACT Charter School’s 103 - Equal Education Opportunity Policy, our curriculum will teach respect for individuals.

It is the policy of PACT Charter School that our curriculum will help students interact effectively with people with disabilities and people of different cultures, races, native languages, and socioeconomic backgrounds.