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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303
  605_English Learner Program Policy
 Date created: 
 Committee Approval by: 
 Date Approved:  Reviewed:
 20170118  JPC  20170518   2016-2017
 BRD  20170713


The purpose of this policy is to ensure English Learner (EL) students receive the services necessary to help them succeed at PACT Charter School in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.



PACT Charter School identifies, evaluates, and provides EL services to students who meet the eligibility criteria, as defined by law. The EL Program promotes English language proficiency for students, with the primary goal being to help students understand and use social and academic English. Additional goals include increasing student achievement in academic content areas, encouraging positive attitudes toward students’ cultures, and helping students understand the culture of the U.S. Students receive intensive language instruction by EL teachers, in addition to language instruction in the mainstream classrooms. The amount of EL instruction is based on each student’s level of language proficiency.

PACT Charter School ensures that all qualified EL students receive appropriate education services.


Legal Reference:

Minn. Stat. 124D.59
Minn. Stat. 124D.60