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PACT Charter School
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Ramsey, MN 55303
 606_Repsonse to Interevention Policy
 Date created: 
 Committee Approval by: 
 Date Approved:  Reviewed:
 20170118  EPC  20170518   2016-2017
 BRD  20170713


Response to Intervention (RTI) services in elementary allow students not meeting grade-level expectations to receive additional support in areas of need.



Students are chosen to receive RTI services based on multiple forms of data (including MAP data, MCA data, Literacy Plan assessment data, and teacher observations). Parents will be notified if their children will receive RTI services. If a parent requests to have their child exempted from RTI instruction and services, they should submit rationale to and develop an outside-of-school action plan with the classroom teacher.

Since RTI student groupings are flexible, student data is reevaluated on a consistent basis (not to exceed two months) to determine which students should receive RTI services. Students are not responsible for the material they miss while receiving RTI services.