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PACT Charter School
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 712_Solicitation Policy

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 March 2007







PACT Charter School recognizes the need to control attempts to solicit funds/services from students, staff, and/or parents by outside organizations, parents, salespeople, students or staff for non-District related/sponsored activities. There is also a need to control attempts to solicit funds from outside organizations by PACT Charter School groups for District related/sponsored activities.



The school shall make every effort to be neutral in dealing with businesses when dealing with non-school related activities. Assistance in any type of commercial promotion shall not be given. This means that:

  1. Announcements shall not be made for businesses by using the public address system, distribution of notices, or through any type of communication.
  2. Commercial displays scheduled in the schools for the purpose of promoting direct sales to children and/or parents shall not be permitted.
  3. Solicitation necessary for approved student activities such as class rings, pictures, and other special materials may be made with the approval of administration.

Note: Exceptions to these policies may be made by administration if benefits for the school are deemed to be sufficient to merit the exception.



Access to school personnel shall not be made available to salespersons for the purpose of promoting the sale of any product or service to members of the staff. This means that meetings of staff members shall not be organized for purposes of giving a salesperson audience, nor shall salespersons be permitted to contact staff members in the buildings during school hours.

  1. Parents or staff members are not to solicit staff for the purpose of selling products or services. This includes doing so on behalf of the students. Note: Students selling for outside teams, clubs, or organizations will be allowed.
  2. Announcements shall not be made for businesses by using the public address system, distribution of notices, or through any type of communication.
  3. Commercial displays scheduled in the schools for the purpose of promoting sales to employees shall not be permitted.
  4. All visitors, sales people, and parents must report to the school office when entering a school building.
  5. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of district employees will not be distributed to companies or organizations to be used for commercial purposes without prior approval of the employee. This does not apply to certain professional organizations, colleges, and universities or the Minnesota Department of Education.

Note: Catalogs may be placed in the staff lounge for viewing, with no obligation or pressure to purchase items offered.



  1. All requests for donations from local businesses over $100 to benefit a fundraising event/goal associated with PACT Charter School must be approved by the. (An ongoing list will be maintained.) Note: This is necessary in order to ensure that we are not over burdening local businesses.
  2. All requests shall follow policies and procedures in accordance with Fundraising guidelines.
  3. A list of targeted businesses, along with dollar value or item to be requested from each business, must be attached to the Event Request Form for possible approval. If a list is not provided, the committee will deny the request and it will be returned to the author, group or organization.

Note: Yearbook advertising where a service is being provided would be allowed without pre-approval as long as a list of advertisers, including donation amounts, is provided to by December 31st of the current school year.



On occasion, when deemed necessary and beneficial to the school, advertising may be allowed to appear on school property and written publications (i.e. score boards). This advertising must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Advertising shall be limited to companies, which are in line with the PACT Charter School mission statement.
  2. Advertising must not promote alcohol, tobacco or any other drugs.
  3. Advertising must comply with all PACT Charter School policies.
  4. The PACT Charter School logo/information must appear at least twice as large as the advertiser's information. (Does not apply to publications.)
  5. "Donated by:" must appear in front of the donating business/individual's name/information. (Does not apply to publications.)