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PACT Charter School
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 714_Enrollment Policy
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Applicable State Statute: 124E.11 Charter Schools Admission Requirements and Enrollment.



  • Parent – The term “parent” as used in this policy refers to the legal guardian of a student as defined in State Statute (See Enrollment Preference Status).
  • Employee – The term “Employee” as used in this policy refers to staff members who work on a regular basis with a set schedule averaging 14+ hours per week during the school year. Temporary staff members are individuals who work on an “as needed” basis, such as substitutes, coaches and committee clerks. These individuals are not considered an employee per this policy.
  • PACT Charter School – PACT Charter School may also be known as PACT or PACT School throughout this document.
  • On-Campus Program – This program covers all students participating in the on-campus/traditional instruction where they meet face-to-face with the teacher on scheduled student contact days.
  • Enrolled – A student will be considered “enrolled” at PACT upon their first day of actual attendance at PACT.



A.  Deadline

All applications to be included in the lottery for the upcoming school year must be received by the school no later than January 15th (or the next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday). All applications will be stamped according to date received.

B.  Application

Any parent/guardian who would like their child’s application to be included in the lottery each year will need to renew their current application, or re-apply before the application deadline. It is the parent’s responsibility to update the school with current contact information.

C.  Enrollment Preference Status (according to MN Statute):

Preference for possible enrollment will be acknowledged and given to:

  • Siblings of students currently enrolled and in attendance at PACT Charter School
    • Any child of a family unit related biologically, by marriage or adoption to one or both parents.
    • Any child in placement within a foster-care situation. Note: Parents must provide PACT with documentation from their case manager, judge or the court system.
  • Any child of an employee of PACT Charter School

D.  Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign Exchange students in a placement with an existing PACT family are welcome to be enrolled at PACT Charter School. They will be subject to the same policies for enrollment as all other students and efforts will be made to aid with the additional paperwork that is required.



A.  General

A completed Enrollment Application is required in order to be included in the annual lottery and/or placed on the waiting list. (See Exceptions to the Lottery Process)

The lottery for all Grades K - 12 will be held each February 15th (or the next work day if the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday) to determine placement for the following school year (See Exceptions to the Lottery Process). The lottery is open to observation by the public. On that date, all existing and newly received (as of each January 15th) Enrollment Applications, after being sorted by grade level, will be assigned a computerized, random number and placed sequentially by each grade to comprise the waiting list from which to fill the next year’s class openings. Preference will be given to siblings and children of employees working within the school. This process will be overseen by at least three of the following people: one person from administration, the Enrollment Coordinator, the Business Accounts Specialist and/or one person from the Technology Department. All staff witnesses will sign a form certifying the lottery results and process, which will also be certified by the School Board.

Students qualifying for preference, any time after the lottery, who were included in the lottery, will be placed by their lottery number in the “preference section” of that grade’s waiting list. Students who qualified for preference before or after the lottery but lose their preference qualification before being offered enrollment will be removed from the "preference section" and placed by lottery number in the "non-preference section" of that grade's waiting list. Students qualifying for preference after the lottery was held who had not submitted an Enrollment Application (and have therefore not been assigned a lottery number) must submit a completed Enrollment Application before being placed at the bottom of the “preference section” for that grade on the waiting list.

Initial annual lottery results will be published on the school website with the following unique non-identifiable pieces of data to include (1) the student first name, (2) parent/guardian first names, (3) the last two digits of home phone number, (4) applicant grade, (5) lottery number, and (6) initial waiting list position.

All new Enrollment Applications received since the previous year's lottery deadline will be included with current applications in the next lottery. Lottery results remain in place for openings the following school year.

Former students who have withdrawn and requested to remain on the waiting list will be subject to current lottery process. Openings for the upcoming school year will be filled as they become available.

The Waiting List for PACT Charter School is intended for the sole purpose of enrollment and distribution of information deemed appropriate by PACT Charter School to be of interest to those parties. PACT Charter School will not sell, distribute or otherwise disseminate waiting list information. PACT Charter School will not use this list for solicitation purposes other than to gather interest and involvement in those things related to enrollment, expansion or related interests at PACT Charter School.

B.  Kindergarten Lottery

Openings will first be filled by students who have qualified for preference status and have a completed Enrollment Application on file prior to the lottery date.  (See Enrollment Preference Status)

All Enrollment Applications will be subject to the general lottery process. After the February lottery, NO new applications will be processed (for the upcoming school year) unless openings remain. Half-day or full-day Kindergarten preference will be honored by lottery sequence number.

C.  Kindergarten and 1st Grade Age Eligibility

Students should be age 5 before September 1st to be eligible for Kindergarten.

A parent may voluntarily retain their eligible child from entering Kindergarten and request the Enrollment Coordinator to hold their child’s application form for the next school year to be placed in the general lottery.

In order to be eligible to enroll at PACT Charter School in 1st grade, a student must be age 6 by September 1st of that school year or completed kindergarten. Midyear enrollees must meet the age requirement or be currently enrolled in 1st grade in another public or private school.

D.  Accepting and Confirming Enrollment

Parent notification of an enrollment opening will be by phone and email. Once contact is made, parents have 48 hours to:

    1. Accept, or
    2. Decline and remain on the list (ROL) and be moved to the bottom of the list, or
    3. Decline and be removed from the list

After three documented attempts to contact the parent, if there is no response, the Enrollment Coordinator will move the name to the bottom of the list with a note indicating “No Response” and the dates contacted. The opening will then be offered to the next student on the list.

If the family responds after the opening has been filled, the student name may be moved back up on the list according to the previous lottery number placement. They would become the next to be offered a position if one becomes available. If the family does not respond prior to the next lottery, the student will be removed from list.

In order to have all students enrolled by the first day of school or the first day of a semester, the Enrollment Coordinator may use discretion prior to the start of a school year or the beginning of a semester with regard to the time allowed for families to make their decision to enroll. The timeline will not be less than 48 hours from the time that the Enrollment Coordinator has contacted a family.

E.  Enrollment of New Students

Openings for grades K - 12 will be filled on a grade-level basis. The Enrollment Coordinator will contact the first student next on that grade’s waiting list who has not already been contacted for the current school year. Any student who has already declined an offer for admittance for the current school year, but has requested to remain on the list, will be placed at the bottom of the list for the rest of the current year.

The Enrollment Coordinator and the Business Accounts Specialist will be notified when a position is open once the school receives a withdrawal form or confirmed enrollment from another school/district.

When accepting a position, the following must be discussed with the parent: The student’s start date (not to exceed ten school days from the offering date, unless otherwise noted by the school, such as at the beginning of a semester), grade level, transportation needs and siblings who may be on the waiting list or want to be added to it.

Once the decision has been made to enroll, the parent/guardian(s) must provide the name of the student’s current school so that PACT staff can request student records, and inform staff if the student is receiving services of any kind.

F.  Exceptions to the Lottery Process

As set forth in the agreement between PACT’s authorizer, Bethel University, and PACT Charter School, and in accordance with MN State Statute 124E.11, the Enrollment Coordinator shall allow exceptions to the lottery process. An exception will be caused when a position is open within the given grade, and the overall enrollment is within the maximum enrollment numbers and there are no students on the waiting list (within the grade/classroom level) or students on the waiting list have refused or not responded to an enrollment offer.

If this is the case, the Enrollment Coordinator will work with administration to advertise for open positions by posting a notice in the PACT Pilot Newsletter and various other methods. A deadline date will be specified for applications and applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.



Enrollment will not exceed 22 students per grade K-2 classroom, and 26 students per grade 3-6 classroom. At secondary, while the total numbers for enrollment will not exceed per grade level as noted in Table 1, the actual class sizes may vary depending upon scheduling. In an effort to anticipate late summer withdrawals, the maximum enrollment of students is set at 54 for students in grades 7-10. Every effort will be made to maintain an enrollment of 52 students in grades 7-10.

Actual total number of students attending PACT classes will vary based on the total number of students attending PSEO in grades 11 and 12. PSEO students may attend PACT part-time. (Refer to Table 1)

Table 1

Grade Level  Minimum # of Students  Maximum # of Students
K (18-22 student/class) 36 44
1 (18-22 students/class) 36 44
2 (18-22 students/class) 36 44
3 (18-26 students/class) 36 52
4 (18-26 students/class) 36 52
5 (24-26 students/class) 48 52
6 (24-26 students/class) 48 52
 Elementary Subtotal: 276 340
7 48 54
8 48 54
9 50 54
10 50 54

(includes PSEO enrollment)

(includes PSEO enrollment)
12 52
(includes PSEO enrollment)
(includes PSEO enrollment)
Secondary Subtotal: 300 364
Grand Total: 576 704



When a student withdraws from PACT, a Withdrawal Form should be completed and returned by a parent to the Enrollment Coordinator. During the month of August, PACT Charter School will recognize a request of records from another school district as official notification of that student’s withdrawal from PACT.



It is the policy of PACT Charter School to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from harassment, violence or discrimination based on actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex/gender, marital status, disability, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, age, family care leave status or veteran status. PACT prohibits any form of harassment, violence or discrimination based on actual or perceived protected class status.