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PACT Charter School
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 716_Internet Groups Policy

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  1. To enhance communications within and between committees, task forces, staff, volunteers and working groups
  2. To inform the PACT community about committee and school community activities



Committees will use email lists as determined by membership guidelines for inter-meeting committee business and ongoing business for other groups. Groups will be managed by a designated technology staff member (with the support of the Technology Committee, if requested).



  1. "Group" is understood to mean one email distribution group created for the benefit of a committee or other working group at PACT.
  2. “Committee” shall be understood to include a task force.
  3. A “meeting” is a live assemblage of committee members and others for the purposes of discussion and/or voting and is subject to Minnesota Open Meeting Law.
  4. A “group domain” is an email group service provider.
  5. “Global/Group Manager” – Administrative account which has the ability to add or remove groups from the group domain.
  6. “Group Manager” – Administrative account which has the ability to add or remove subscribers and the viewing/posting privileges of subscribers.



  1. Groups will be created for all standing committees and working groups and for other purposes as requested by members of the PACT community and approved by the Technology Coordinator or Administrator.
  2. Creation of groups shall be noted in an appropriate forum including the school newsletter, meeting minutes, or the school Web site.
  3. If concerns regarding group activity are noted, the sponsoring committee, Technology Coordinator, or Administrator may ask for it to be stopped/dropped at any time pending an appeal to the School Board.



  1. The Technology Coordinator and at least one administrative designee shall serve as Owner/Global Manager of the various groups (Add/Remove Groups). The Technology Coordinator and a Technology Committee designee will serve as contact persons for technical issues that arise. The Group Manager shall be defined as the Committee Chair or Committee designee. Non-members will be able to sign up for groups and view group activity according to the Committee Description.
  2. The committee chair, or such person(s) as the chair/committee may designate, shall be granted managerial rights to the committee’s group while functioning as chair.



While the non-elected committee groups are open for any person to sign up on their own, members of a particular committee (as defined by the committee description) are encouraged to join the committee's Internet group for viewing privileges ONLY. Posting rights are granted to the committee chair, administration and the Technology Coordinator only. Note: Members or non-members wishing to convey information to the committee must communicate directly with the chair person or administration.



  1. Where a committee designation is XYZ, the group email address will be PACT- XYZ@ or PACT-wxyz@ and the internet web address will be determined by the service.
  2. Appropriate links will be made accessible through the official school website.
  3. Access information shall be included in agendas, minutes, and the school newsletter.
  4. Computers are available at PACT for access to the groups.
  5. Messages shall be readable by anyone with Internet access through the appropriate web page for anyone who has requested this access.
  6. All new families will receive Google Group information and be encouraged to enroll in committees of interest. The Volunteer Coordinator may request that the chairperson enroll them to simplify the process and encourage involvement.



  1. Agendas, minutes, and other documents intended for distribution at meetings should be posted to the group at least 2 business days prior to the meeting. (Efforts will be made to post agendas and minutes at the designated location by the school office as well.)
  2. All voting and decision-making will occur at live meetings.
  3. All documents will be archived.
  4. Document format should conform to the standards set forth in the 105 - Document Management Policy.



Online conduct expectations are essentially the same as for live meetings. These expectations must be consistent with the schools 524 - Acceptable Use Policy.



No content posted to the groups, including postings by elected or appointed members, teachers, chairs, co-chairs, or others withstanding shall be interpreted to represent the official views of PACT Charter School, unless clearly represented as such. Additionally, nothing in this policy is intended to violate the Minnesota Open Meeting Law.