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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

  715_Volunteer Policy

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 20040413 / 20040610





Volunteering is fundamental to PACT Charter School’s mission of parents, students and teachers working together. The policy supports this vital aspect of PACT’s mission.



  1. Each family should complete a Volunteer Form indicating their interests.
  2. Each Family is expected to volunteer 4 or more hours monthly.
  3. Phone calls will be made to families that are not meeting the minimum hours with the Volunteer Coordinator helping them to find an area in which they can help.
  4. A letter will go home to the families that are not meeting the minimum hours mid-year encouraging them to participate.
  5. All volunteers should report their hours to the Volunteer Coordinator. This can be done in many ways.
    1. Signing in while at the building
    2. Calling or emailing the Volunteer Coordinator
    3. Filling out a Volunteer Hour log sheet
    4. Ensuring that the minutes from committees are forwarded to the Volunteer Coordinator
  6. Hours volunteered for Committee meetings will be turned in to the Volunteer Coordinator by the secretary of the committee, via the meeting minutes.



  1. Teacher’s Assistant
  2. Committee membership/participant
  3. Chaperoning fieldtrips
  4. Assisting with large events (i.e. symposium, picnics, orientations, etc.)
  5. Working on projects at home
  6. Building maintenance, etc.
  7. Other creative ways



  1. Teacher Assistants
    1. A TA application MUST be on file.
    2. TA’s must sign a confidentiality agreement and must agree to a background check.
    3. TA’s must attend TA training. Training each year is recommended and will be provided in the beginning and middle of the school year.
    4. TA’s, as well as any other volunteer that come in during the school day, will be required to sign in at the office, and wear their PACT ID.
    5. Out of courtesy, TA’s should call the teacher if they are unable to volunteer for scheduled time.
  2. Committee Members
    1. Choose an area of interest to be involved
    2. Attend meetings
    3. Read materials and prepare in advance – Be an informed voter
    4. Participate in discussions
    5. Take leadership roles when available
    6. Work closely with staff
    7. Fulfill the job description of the committee