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Class Lists

Class lists are not published on our website. The website will post a message when and where the class lists (grades K-6) for the upcoming school year will be available to families. If you are looking for party reasons, etc. please contact the homeroom teacher directly.


Grading Symbols

Standards and Benchmarks are used for grades K-4 in core subjects. While grades 5 & 6 use letter grades A-F in core subjects. Numeric symbols are used in specials/enrichment courses in all elementary grades. To see the alpha grading percentages, refer to the Family Handbook.

4 = Excelling (Consistently exceeds grade level standards)
3 = Proficient (At grade level standard)
2 = Emerging / Developing (Limited proficiencey of grade level)
1 = Area of Concern (Below grade level standards)
NA = Not assessed


Specials Courses

In elementary, courses that are not core (math, reading, social studies, etc.) we refer to as specials. These include Spanish, Phy Ed, Art, Music, Computer.



PACT offers a variety of options available to our students during the day and as extracurricular.  See the Secondary student menu for details and Extracurricular Activities.

Here is a list of the most requested policies by new secondary families: