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Hello PACT families!

Here is a brief overview of the what the Health Office at PACT Charter School can provide.

  • Absense notification please call and report an absence by 9:00 a.m. Refer to our 534 - Attendance Policy.
  • Making the decision that your student should stay home. See When Your Student is Sick.
  • From time to time, students may not be feeling well in school or need to have medications at certain intervals, please refer to our procedures on Medications in School.
  • Some of the services provided: Scoliosis screening, Hearing and Vision screening.
  • Occasionally, important health information from MDE or Anoka County Health Services would want schools to provide to families, links would be available to their documentation on their websites. See Health Related Resources for Schools.
  • Annual Blood Drive with American Redcross in May.

Necessary forms may be available for download or completed online in the Parent> Forms section of the website. However, Online Forms are only accessible by logging into the website.

If you ever have health questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me!


Nicole Riley
Health Para
763-712-4200 ext 2