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Enrollment Lottery Waiting List Results for 2018-2019 School Year

The annual kindergarten-12th grade PACT Charter School lottery for the 2018-2019 School Year waiting list was conducted Thursday, February 15, 2018.

Results are posted now.

The lottery/waiting lists do not represent any current openings in these grades, nor a guarantee that there will be any openings for the next school year (well, apart from Kindergarten). If a position in a grade becomes available, then PACT will contact the next applicant on the waiting list for that grade, and at that time they will be offered enrollment.

Please Check Other Grade Lists for Your Student!
Contact us Right Away if your student is listed in the wrong grade for next year!

The lottery/waiting list order will change. For example, if a student is enrolled in one class, then his or her siblings will automatically gain "sibling preference," and they'll move up based on their relative lottery numbers.

Enrollment preference is based on the requirements of Minnesota statutes (124E, the state Charter Schools Law). Under the state laws, enrollment preference is offered only to siblings of currently enrolled students and to children of staff at our school.

Only applications received by the January 16, 2018, deadline are included. Applications received after that deadline will be included in the lottery for the 2019-20 waiting lists, and will be otherwise considered after the 2018-19 lottery waiting list is exhausted.

These reports have the following information:
    * Lottery/Waiting List Number ("WL#")
    * Anticipated Grade (Grade 2018-19)
    * Student - First Name (F Name)
    * Parent/Guardian - First Name(s)
    * Parent/Guardian - Last 2 digits of phone number (Ph Fract)

We believe that this information will be sufficient for parents and guardians to identify their students without needlessly publishing personally identifiable home information. Some of the parent/guardian names appear truncated, because of the processing from database to webpage.

Click on a link (upper left, when posted) to open the lottery/waiting list for the student's grade level for 2018-19 and then search for the student's entry.


PACT Charter School will contact families when openings occur in a particular grade. You will be offered a period of 48 hours in which to accept or reject enrollment; after that time (or if the position is turned down) we will contact the next family on the list for that grade level.

Other important notes:
If anyone discovers an error or (e.g. a student is listed in the wrong grade for next year), please call us. We will take steps to correct any error as soon as possible.
If you are unable to locate your student's information, please call the school so we can help you determine his or her waiting list status.