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Relief Fund Upgrades at PACT


By Christine Erntson, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Published January 16, 2021


Thanks to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed in March 2020; PACT Charter School received $160,366 to cover the costs incurred due to the pandemic and to pay for upgrades to protect the health and safety of our community. 

One of the most significant upgrades to the building includes a new Bipolar Ionization System. The system improves air quality through an enhanced purification process by introducing ions into the airflow system. It neutralizes 99% of air particles that contain bacteria, odors, and viruses and is what hospitals use in their buildings. According to Josh Nyquist, Executive Director of Building Operations, the building immediately smelled cleaner after installing the system, and it is an exciting improvement to our facility. For the overall health of our community, we still require frequent handwashing, social distancing, and the use of face coverings, and we will continue with regular cleaning of high-traffic areas. 

Another major purchase is new laptops for teachers to improve their online experiences with our students. The faster machines were purchased at the end of December and are in the process of being set up and distributed to our teaching staff. This year’s other additions to our technology include tablets, cameras, microphones, and 1:1 Chromebooks for all our students. 

The funds also covered additional staffing needs, including a distance learning teacher, subs to cover for quarantined staff, and staffing for required childcare for our families with frontline workers. Transportation costs associated with that childcare were also covered.

Other purchases include cleaning supplies, disinfectant sprayers, screening supplies, masks and shields, and plexiglass dividers. We also replaced tables with desks in some classrooms to increase separation and encourage social distancing. And new playground balls were purchased for our Elementary classrooms, so our students do not need to share items with other classrooms. 

The best way to fulfill PACT’s mission to develop students of character and academic excellence is for them to be in school. These essential improvements allow us to welcome students back safely, and we are pleased we could do so. We are excited to start seeing students return on January 20 and look forward to when our entire K-12 population is back together again.

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