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Dear PACT Stakeholders:

On behalf of the PACT School Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to share some upcoming changes that will take effect in January 2023. 

In June 2022, the School Board of Directors appointed a Committee Task Force to discuss our governance structure, especially as we expand with a new building. The task force completed its work and presented its recommendations to the Board, who accepted the proposal at their December meeting. 

The Committee Task Force proposal focused on meaningful parent participation in governance, a streamlined committee process, intentional volunteer opportunities, enhanced fundraising and events, and a reorganization of faculty hours – with the goal of enrollment growth and PACT as a highly sought-after employment opportunity. Here are the key takeaways from the proposal you should be aware of:

Committees of the Board

  • The Elementary Programming and Curriculum Committee and Secondary Programming and Curriculum Committee will merge with the District Advisory Committee
  • The District Advisory Committee will remain a committee of members appointed by the Board with greater responsibility and influence. Voting membership includes six appointed parents, three appointed faculty or staff members representing the Elementary and Secondary programs, one appointed Secondary student, one appointed community member, and the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Coordinator. The Executive Director of Elementary Education, the Executive Director of Secondary Education, and one Board member will be non-voting advisors. Responsibilities include the Climate Survey, Title I Plan annual approval, literacy plan, World’s Best Workforce, curriculum approval, course rotation and new courses in secondary programming, the curriculum review cycle, recommending rigorous course offerings aligned to the MN academic standards, and setting student achievement goals. 
  • The Budget and Finance Committee has no changes to its committee description and remains an elected parent committee.

ImPACT Nights

  • Community ImPACT Nights will continue through December 2022 and then will be dissolved.
  • Admin Teams will continue through December 2022, when they will be dissolved. Department leaders who choose to do so may call meetings to gather input or collaborate at a date, time, and location of their choosing. All stakeholders are welcome to attend, and meetings will be published in the ImPACT E-Newsletter. 
  • Starting in February 2023, faculty will use former ImPACT nights for expansion planning team meetings with their Executive Director. This will help fulfill their contractual obligations. Those faculty serving on the School Board of Directors and DAC are exempt and may attend by choice. 

PACT Organizations

  • A group of parents have been asked and have initiated the PACT Panthers PTO. This 501(c)(3) will manage community events and fundraisers and support the needs of students and the school. 
  • The Panthers Booster Club will assist with extracurricular needs, school spirit, community events, and fundraising for activities. 
  • The Student Council will assist with school-wide student activities, managing social events, and working on community projects, including a strong planning presence in student events.

Curriculum Approval

  • The curriculum will continue to be reviewed by parent reviewers.
  • Opportunities to look through the proposed curriculum will be created during school days and after-hours sessions. 
  • The DAC will approve the curriculum, and the School Board of Directors will authorize only what requires their approval (curriculum budget, textbooks, etc.).

Community Engagement

  • Town hall meetings with all stakeholders will be planned twice per school year, with the first held on January 19, 2023.
  • The administration will create one parent connection event before the end of the 2022-2023 school year and consider how to incorporate more regular opportunities in FY24. 

Thank you to those who served on the Committee Task Force, those who have previously served on committees, and those who invested their time and talents in PACT Charter School. We look forward to 2023 and all the excitement it will bring to our community!

Serving together,

Joline Neilson
School Board Chair
PACT Charter School 

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