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Election 2023: Call for Nominations


By Christine Erntson, marketing and communications coordinator
March 10, 2023 | 1 p.m.


Nominations for the PACT School Board of Directors and Budget and Finance Committee are happening now! Complete the nomination form by 11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2023. Be sure to seek the permission of each person you nominate and complete one form for each. You may nominate yourself.

  • Open School Board of Directors positions: 3 parents and 4 teachers with either 1-, 2- or 3-year terms. Once elected, members will choose their term according to who has the most votes.
  • Open Budget and Finance Committee positions: 4 parent members with 3-year terms.

PACT committee elections will be held Friday, April 21, through Tuesday, April 25. 




School Board of Directors Election Eligibility

An individual will be considered qualified to run for the Board of Directors as a parent or teacher representative if they have at least 12 months of experience at PACT at the time they will be seated. All candidates and write-ins must meet eligibility requirements when the election ends for votes for that candidate to be counted. In addition to the above qualifications, the following criteria are set forth for each of the outlined categories:

  1. Parent: an individual who is the parent or guardian of a current PACT student. The parent member cannot be employed by PACT at the time of their nomination or in any capacity during their Board term. The individual shall not have been an employee for at least 12 months before nomination.
  2. Teacher: an individual who serves in a current teaching capacity at PACT and anticipates the continuance of that status during their term. An Elementary teacher must fill the Elementary Teacher Representative, and a Secondary Teacher must fill the Secondary Teacher Representative position unless a qualified candidate cannot be found. Either may fill the At-Large Teacher Representative positions. 

Committee descriptions and PACT Bylaws are available on the school website. Visit Policy 201 - Election Policy and Procedures for Elected Committees for more information. 

PACT committee elections will be held Friday, April 21, through Tuesday, April 25. 

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