PACT Student’s Little Free Library Sparks Community Connection


By Christine Erntson, Director of Communication and Community Engagement
June 27, 2024 | 3 p.m.


In a heartwarming display of community spirit, Ella Hemp ‘24 transformed a simple idea into a vital connection point for the COR neighborhood in Ramsey. Her "Little Free Library" project, initially started to fulfill her National Honor Society requirements, has blossomed into a cherished community resource.

Ella’s journey began with a quest for a meaningful community service project. Driven by her love for reading and a desire to give back, she created a small, self-maintained library where residents can freely exchange books. "I wanted to start something that would have a lasting impact on my community," Ella shared. "The little free library seemed like the perfect way to encourage reading and foster a sense of unity among my neighbors."

Conveniently located in the Ramsey COR on the corner of PACT’s Elementary Campus, it is strategically placed next to a butterfly garden with a reading bench. This little library houses a collection of books to be enjoyed and exchanged by community members. Ella built the library herself, showcasing remarkable dedication and craftsmanship.

The project holds a special place in Ella's heart, as she has been part of the PACT community since first grade. Her vision for the Little Free Library extends beyond a mere book exchange. "I hope that through this project, our community can come together, share stories, and build stronger bonds," Ella explained. "I want the families in the COR to feel connected and inspired by the messages and books circulating through our little library."

As the only Little Free Library in the area, Ella’s initiative has set a powerful example of community engagement and service. Her dedication and vision have provided the City of Ramsey with a valuable resource and inspired others to think creatively about contributing to their communities.

Ella’s story is a testament to the power of individual initiative and the profound difference one person can make in their community. As a recent PACT graduate, Ella will continue her educational journey at Liberty University in Virginia next year, but her impact on the Ramsey and PACT community will endure.

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