514 - Harassment/Violence Policy


PACT Charter School

Original Creation Date: June 6, 1996
Last Approved By: PACT Charter School Board of Directors
Last Approved Date: December 2, 2020
Year Reviewed: 2020-2021


PACT Charter School's policy is to uphold the expectation that all students will be educated in a safe, affirming, peaceful environment. There will be “zero tolerance” of physical, emotional, or sexually abusive behavior, including psychological intimidation and harassment, toward or by a student, staff member, parent, or visiting person. "Zero tolerance" is defined as assuring that every report of other nature will be investigated and consequences will be administered if any wrongdoing is determined. This policy will be enforced before, during, and after school hours on all school property, including the school bus, school functions, and events held at other locations.

The School District recognizes that sexual, racial, and religious harassment are subject to state and federal laws. Sexual, racial, and religious violence is a criminal activity subject to penalties under Minnesota law. The School District will cooperate with any criminal investigation by the authorities to the best of our legal ability.


  1. Any student, staff person, parent, or visitor who believes she or he has experienced abuse, harassment, or violence by a student, staff member, parent, or visiting person should report the alleged acts immediately to the Executive Director(s), Assistant Director of Education, Dean of Students, or Human Resource Specialist.
  2. Any adult personnel witnessing an act of abuse, harassment, or violence shall attempt to intervene and stop the action from continuing.
  3. Any adult personnel who witnesses abuse, harassment, or violence shall inform the Chief Executive Director or administrative designee.
  4. A written report should be given to an Executive Director or administrative designee within five school days. Written complaints help ensure a complete investigation and are required.
  5. The designated personnel will investigate alleged incidents.
  6. The privacy and data privacy rights of all persons involved will be respected following appropriate statutes.
  7. The acting administrator is mandated to report to the criminal authorities any physical injury allegedly resulting from abuse, harassment, or violence that requires outside medical attention.



Harassment, Violence, Discrimination, Bullying Report Form

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