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 Extracurricular Activities Administrative Team Description (EXC)

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 February 2009  EXC  20160922


The primary purpose of the Extracurricular Activities Administrative Team is to create elementary, sustain secondary and oversee school sponsored activities occurring after regular school hours that are optional for students and families as the interest level dictates. All Extracurricular Activities decisions are subject to ratification and/or review by administration.



This is an open team, with membership being defined by attendance or appointment. Anyone is free to attend the meetings and participate. Teachers assigned to the team by the administration will have voting rights. Any PACT staff, parent of a PACT student, or 9th-12th grade student may attain membership by attendance.

Membership by position:

All staff assigned by administration.

Membership by attendance:

Any PACT staff (including any non-designated teachers), parent of a PACT student or 9-12th grade student desiring membership must attend two or more of the last 4 meetings and request to be put on the membership list. Attendance for any individual meeting will be achieved when a person has been present for more than 60 minutes (or the entire meeting if shorter than 60 minutes). On the second and subsequent meeting they will have voting rights and responsibilities. In order to maintain voting privileges, members must continue to fulfill the two meeting requirement. This includes officers of the team.
Note: Parents of students enrolled for an upcoming school term or teachers hired for an upcoming school term may attend and participate in meetings prior to the school term to meet the attendance requirement for voting, but they may not vote until the school term begins (assuming they have met the attendance requirement).
The Extracurricular Activities chairperson and vice chairperson should be elected by their Administrative Team annually, in May. In an effort to foster parental involvement and leadership, either the chairperson or vice chairperson should be a parent. Administration shall ensure that essential meetings are held if there is no functioning chairperson or vice chairperson.



Each member has the responsibility to be familiar with PACT Policies and Philosophies.  All members have the responsibility to be informed on issues through regular attendance or reading the minutes. All members must be familiar with PACT’s Conflict of Interest policy and Code of Conduct and must fill out an annual statement concerning possible conflict of interest due by November or upon achieving membership.

  • Determine the need and interest level for after-school activities such as sports, community education, and clubs.
  • Review the results of activities surveys.
  • Recommend and Review Cooperative Agreements with other schools.
  • Ensure that all extracurricular activities, curriculum and resource materials conform to PACT Philosophy and Mission Statement.
  • Assist in developing elementary activities that create a foundation for secondary activities.
  • Recommend appropriate pay for secondary coaches. Assist with volunteer coordinator to recruit elementary coach volunteers.
  • Review Designated Funds Report on a monthly basis as well as detailed transactions within these funds each month.
  • Establish and review fees for extracurricular sports and activities on an annual basis and submit to Budget and Finance Committee.
  • Submit budget for next years coaching and other expenses to Budget and Finance Committee in February.
  • Review of Extracurricular Handbook and Coaches Handbook on an annual basis.
  • Review and adjust an Annual Calendar of Extracurricular Administrative Team Business.
  • Recommend purchase of activity uniforms and capital equipment to Budget and Finance Committee.
  • Support the A/D



A minimum of three voting members, with at least one parent member and one teacher member, must be present to constitute a quorum. Meetings may be held without the quorum being met for non-voting purposes. This meeting would be for information and discussion purposes only. If no quorum is achieved and decisions must be made in order to meet emergency timelines, the decisions will fall to administration.



Meeting dates must be posted in advance on the school calendar, which is maintained in the office via the PACT website. Ideally, meeting dates and agendas should be announced in the PACT Newsletter as well.



Non-policy decisions may be implemented immediately, but are subject to ratification of administration.



The Extra-Curricular Activities Administrative Teams may commission a task force to accomplish specific task(s) and to report back to them as their commissioning agent. The commissioning agent shall have authority to appoint members to the taskforce. Before establishing a task force, the commissioning agent should define the following:

  • The process of selecting the chairperson (appointment by the commissioning agent or elected by the taskforce).
  • The specific task(s) to be accomplished.
  • Any elements to be considered by the taskforce.
  • Timeline for accomplishing the task(s) – including when they should report back to the commissioning agent.

At the first meeting of a Taskforce a Chairperson shall be selected if none were appointed. A Secretary shall also be selected if the Task Force has no Clerk assigned to it. A clerk shall be assumed to be assigned to taskforces unless the commissioning agent deems otherwise. Minutes must be kept of taskforce meetings. Taskforce members shall vote on critical matters considered by the Taskforce and on its final recommendations. Meeting Minutes should incorporate any votes by the Taskforce.

Interim reports by Taskforces will be deemed completed by the forwarding of their Minutes to the Commissioning Agent. But Final Reports shall be submitted in writing providing the following data:

  1. The purpose of the Taskforce;
  2. The dates the Taskforce met;
  3. The methodology employed by the Taskforce in reaching their conclusions (e.g., specific references to research sources, interviews, comparative studies, data review);
  4. Items considered but ruled out by the Taskforce;
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations of the Taskforce.

Recommendations made by a Taskforce must be ratified by the Commissioning Agent before implementation. The Taskforce should be formally disbanded by vote of the Commissioning Agent once the task has been satisfactorily completed.

Notices of meetings of taskforces shall be established by the commissioning agent. In the absence of any direction on this issue the notice requirement applying to the commissioning agent shall apply to its taskforce.



The Extracurricular Administrative Team should establish goals for each school year by their August/September meeting. These goals should be reviewed in December and April each year.



Communication groups may be established (according to 716 - Internet Groups Policy).