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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 Long Range Planning Committee Description (LRP)

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The purposes or the Long-Range Planning Committee are:

  1. to engage in a continuous planning effort – (focusing on three to five years in the future) by:
    1. reviewing climate survey data and authorizer reports. Creating goals and plans to address the needs brought up.
    2. reviewing the assets of the school for suitability with the overall vision/mission.
    3. reviewing existing long-term goals and facilitating the development of ongoing long term goals for PACT Charter School.
    4. reviewing PACT policies and philosophies in light of long-range planning in a scheduled and timely manner.
  2. to be aware of trends and new ideas that concur with our mission statement and that could be integrated into our school.
  3. to be a resource and discussion forum for all committee chair persons about issues that relate to the long-term goals of PACT Charter School by:
    1. compiling reports requested by the School Board. Reports will be submitted to the Board and accepted by it before general publication.
  4. to develop wide-range relationships (networking) to further the interests of PACT Charter School on the community, state and national level.



This Committee is composed of the chairpersons (or designated representative) of all Committees, sub-committees and administrative teams, Executive Director (non-voting member), Elementary and Secondary Program Dreictors, Heads of Departments, and all members of the School Board.


  1. This committee will establish and convene task forces when needed, made up of LRP members and others, to deal with the details of complex issues. The task force will report its conclusions back to the LRP committee as a whole.
  2. While a unified consensus or agreement is preferable and is the goal of the committee deliberations, on issues where a significant minority position exists, both the majority and minority report may be submitted to the Board. This may be appropriate for reports, goals and policies.