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PACT Charter School

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Student Enrichment Committee Description (SEC)

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SEC  20150514






Responsibilities include (but may not be limited to):

  • Overseeing and implementing special programs offered during school hours (beyond the standard learning plan, SLP) that serve to challenge students (e.g., Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Writing Contest, Math Bee, and Gifted and Talented program)
  • Coordinate these programs with Administration and the appropriate Steering Committee



SEC is an open committee, with membership being defined by attendance or by position.

Membership by attendance: Any PACT staff (including any non-designated teachers), parent of a PACT student, or 18 year-old PACT Charter School student desiring membership may become members after the attendance of their first meeting. Attendance for any individual meeting will be achieved when a person has been present for more than 90 minutes (or the entire meeting if shorter than 90 minutes. After the first meeting, they will have voting rights and responsibilities (see Voting). In order to maintain voting privileges, members must attend one out of the last three meetings.

Membership by position: Designated teachers are considered members by position and have full voting rights and responsibilities.

Decisions must be made with a quorum present. A quorum for the Student Enrichment Committee consists of more than 50%. All appointed members have immediate voting rights upon board approval.



Each member has the responsibility to be familiar with PACT Policies and Philosophies which are pertinent to the program.

All members have the responsibility to be informed on issues through regular attendance and reading the minutes and other documents. All members must be familiar with PACT’s Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct and must fill out an annual statement by Oct 15 (or upon achieving membership) to be maintained by the committee clerk and noted on the attendance sheet.



  1. Minutes must be taken of all meetings. Approved Minutes will be posted within five school days of approval, filed in the minute’s book and distributed according to the Document Management Policy.
  2. Meeting dates must be posted in advance on the school calendar. Ideally, meeting dates and agendas should be announced in the PACT Newsletter. A committee calendar will be published prior to the upcoming school year, which will cover August through June. Committees should make every effort to abide by the times and dates posted. Changes to meeting dates must be posted at the school and on the school web site at least three calendar days in advance with notification (preferred by email) given to committee members, the Administration and other committee chairs. Note: These are open committees and therefore any changes affect both members and non-members.