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PACT Charter School
7250 E. Ramsey Parkway
Ramsey, MN 55303

 814-Building Use & Rental of School Facilities Policy

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The facilities of PACT Charter School shall be available for community use under conditions prescribed or permitted by law and in accordance with adopted policies, rules and regulations of the School Board.



  1. The Executive Director, Facilities Coordinator and/or designee shall be authorized to grant the use of school facilities and to establish the conditions under which they shall be used. The Executive Director or designee may reject any application or rescind any agreement for use of PACT Charter School facilities when the activity is inconsistent with the educational goals, school mission and/or cultural interest of the school community or local community, or when the activity is likely to damage school facilities or endanger individuals.
  2. Organizations using school facilities agree that they do not illegally discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, age, religion or disability. It is the policy of PACT Charter School to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from harassment, violence or discrimination based on actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex/gender, marital status, disability, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, age, family care leave status or veteran status. PACT prohibits any form of harassment, violence or discrimination based on actual or perceived protected class status.
  3. There will be no gambling, or use of alcoholic beverages, chemical substances, weapons or facsimiles of weapons, or tobacco in the building or on school grounds.
  4. Physical aggressiveness, profanity, or abusive language is prohibited.
  5. Outside users of school facilities will be required to provide evidence of liability insurance coverage in an amount not less than $1,000,000.00.
  6. Applicants granted usage of school facilities are responsible for all damages. The user accepts full responsibility for reporting any and all damages and reimbursing the school for all costs associated with remediation.
  7. The School Board shall establish fees for the use of school facilities. Full payment of fees may be required in advance of the activity. The use of the facilities is limited to that listed on the Facility Use Agreement Form, which must be completed in full.
  8. If fees are not paid in a timely manner, use of the facilities will be terminated until all fees/fines have been paid in full. Ongoing problems with payment will result in the permanent cancellation of privileges.
  9. Users are responsible for general clean up after use (i.e. wiping down tables, cleaning up spills, re-stacking chairs, moving furniture back, etc.) The facility is to be returned to its original setup and condition unless otherwise arranged.
  10. Group leaders should familiarize themselves with the locations of emergency exits and fire extinguishers prior to the scheduled activity. Any emergency will be reported to the site monitor immediately. (See PACT Emergency Plan) 911 should be called in the case of an emergency.
  11. Clean footwear must be worn in the gymnasium, stiletto type heels may not be worn in the gym at any time. Heels to be no smaller than ½” in the smallest dimension where the heel contacts the floor. No snow boots of any kind may be worn on wood floors.
  12. PACT sports equipment may not be used by outside groups. Scoreboard, televisions, projectors etc. may only be used if special arrangements have been made with the appropriate personnel. (See Facility Use Agreement Form)
  13. The “responsible parties” on the Building Use Agreement Form must be present during use and is responsible for ensuring that all participants abide by the rules and exit promptly at the predetermined ending time. If another person will be responsible, they must be listed on the agreement.
  14. ALL children/students (17 and under) MUST be supervised at ALL times by an adult.
  15. Any brochures or other publications advertising the use of the building should:
    1. position the sponsor’s name on the front cover
    2. use larger font for the sponsor than for the location at PACT Charter School
    3. include in legible type "This activity is not sponsored by PACT Charter School, a nonsectarian public school."
  16. The responsible party MUST check in with the Site Monitor when they arrive to enter the building and check out when leaving.
  17. Cancellations
    1. School cancellations can occur at any time with no advance warning.
    2. PACT Charter School is not responsible for direct or incidental losses due to cancellations.
    3. Cancellation by the Group with less than 4 days (96 hours) notice may be charged a $25 cancellation fee.
    4. Cancellation by the Group with 4 or more days (96 hours) notice may not be charged a cancellation fee.



  1. In all cases, official PACT Charter School sponsored activities, events and functions will have priority. If a conflict occurs, efforts will be made to find a reasonable solution for community groups but in no case will PACT Charter School be held responsible in any way for any loss.
  2. In all cases, groups defined as "local" will be: 1.) those whose physical facilities are within 15 miles of the school or: 2.) the individuals using the facility will be primarily (90%) comprised of students enrolled at the school, families of those students, or PACT Charter School employees.
  3. How to schedule facilities use:
  4. In order to schedule use of PACT Charter School facilities, complete an application (forms download) and remit it to the Facilities Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or place it in his box located behind Reception.
  5. Scheduling Priority

Group A: Official PACT Charter School sponsored activities, events and functions. Includes all concerts, extracurricular events, school-related functions and activities, sporting events, School Board and Committee meetings.

Group B: Government organizations Local city, county and government entities operating within the City of Ramsey.

Group C: Civic organizations, non-profits:
Local non-profit organizations serving youth: this includes groups such as 4-H, youth athletic organizations, Boy Scouts, Brownies, Booster Clubs etc. who’s primary purpose is serving students of PACT Charter School.

Group D: Civic organizations, non-profits:
Local non-profit organizations serving adults and religious organizations conducting religious activities on school property.

Group E: Non-profit organizations charging fees or generating revenue. Includes amateur or youth sports organizations conducting invitational tournaments.

Group F: Commercial groups: Includes any company, corporation, business etc. Includes colleges and universities offering courses at PACT Charter School.



Facility Usage Rates: All rates listed are hourly rates. Letters at the top of the column refer to "Groups" and correspond to the scheduling priorities. Groups may be responsible for additional costs such as personnel, equipment rental, custodial services, supervision and damages.

Facility Space B & C D & E F
Computer Lab $30 $40 $60
Kitchen (must have a CFM present) $20 $30 $40
Cafetorium $10 $15 $30
*Classroom $5 $10 $20
Concession Stand $10 $20 $30
East Gym $10 $20 $30
West Gym $10 $20 $30
Boy's Locker Room $5 $10 $15
Girl's Locker Room $5 $10 $15
If a Site Monitor is required, there will be a minimum fee of $30/hr. charged to cover building security, maintenance and cleaning. This fee will only be charge if the facility rental does not exceed this amount. *Only allowed in special circumstances.



Groups using PACT Charter School facilities may be responsible for additional staff charges resulting from their use (if the facility rental does not adequately cover the expense). All rates are per hour. Additional rates of pay may apply depending on the needs of the user group and the personnel required.

Personnel Rate (per hour)
Custodian $30
Kitchen Staff $30
Building Security $30
Theater/Sound Technician $30 (Only when PACT Charter School Tech is available)


Equipment Fees (not by the hour, but a one-time charge per use) B & C D & E F
Steel Folding Chairs $5 $10 $20
Sound/Light System $25 $50 $100
Benches $5 $10 $20
Tables $5 $10 $20
Keyboard/Piano $5 $10 $20