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A Variety of Learning Opportunities

In addition to the regular programming, PACT offers a variety of options for secondary students. Whether a student stays on campus for Honors, Teacher's Aides (TA), or Individual Study, students can enhance their learning.

PACT is excited to offer additional opportunities for eligible juniors and seniors who can take advantage of college credit courses on-campus through College In School (CiS) offered by Bethel University! Also available, are elective courses, half days, off-site through the Secondary Technical Education Program (STEP) at their campus in Anoka.

Graduation Requirements

The minimum credits needed to graduate vary per graduation year due to changes in local and/or state requirements. Students are required to fulfill the total credits needed for graduation according to the following content areas in the chart below. There are 31 credits available for full time students during their high school years, 9th through 12th grade.

  • Actual credit values for transfer students may differ from these requirements (refer to 603.2 - Transfer Credit Policy). 
  • The intent for transfer students is for them to have taken the equivalent of the course work listed above.
  • CIS/PSEO credits are calculated at a ratio of 4:1 PACT credits.
  • A 3-credit CIS/PSEO course is adequate to meet a one-year PACT graduation requirement in a specific area, although it will transfer to PACT as 0.75 credits. The additional 0.25 credits need to be met through electives.
  • The total number of credits required for graduation is the same for all PACT students.
  • Pre-High School Students who successfully complete a high school course will be given high school credit.
  • If the graduation requirements are not completely met, a student may participate in graduation activities without receiving a diploma if they meet the following criteria:
  • They are no more than 1.0 credit short in the total required areas or overall credits.
Diplomas are mailed after the graduation ceremony pending final grades and transcript reviews.


Legal References:

Minn. Statute §120B.024 (Credits)
Minn. Statute §124D.9, subd. 12 (PSEO Credits)
Minn. Statute §124E.03, subd. 2 para(b) (Charter school compliance)

Language Arts
Requirement = 4 credits
Social Studies
Foreign Language
PE | Health
Fine Arts

Honors Program

An honors option may be available in Language Arts, Social Studies, and some Fine Arts classes. Typically, honors work will be integrated into the standard classroom through differentiated instruction. Students who elect this option will be challenged through a deeper analysis of topics covered, allowing them to apply higher-level thinking skills. Students may be covering advanced coursework and may have alternate writing expectations, and may complete different assignments/projects than the standard course. These may include, but are not limited to tiered assignments, project menus, integration matrixes, and essay exams.



Individual Study

By choosing this elective students will have the opportunity to work independently on a topic that they choose. They will decide on course materials, develop a timeline, and propose a midterm and final project. To enroll in Individual Study students MUST complete an application form, which includes selecting an advisor in the related field of study and obtain his or her approval of the proposal. The application must also be reviewed and approved by the Secondary Curriculum Committee.

NOTE: Pre-planning needs to be done in order to meet the deadlines outlined in the packet.

Teacher Assistant (TA)

This course offers high school students the opportunity to increase their knowledge in that subject areas of interest, assist teachers with ongoing classroom preparation, perform research, and provide assistance to other students on assignments or through tutoring.

Students must be on-track toward graduation and have successfully completed the course in which they would like to be a TA.


STEP High School

PACT has a partnership with STEP High School in the Anoka-Hennepin School District to include their courses in our registration guide. Interested juniors and seniors need to complete their core course classes at PACT, but can earn elective credit through STEP. In order for students to qualify to go to STEP, they must be on track for graduation.

Students are responsible for their own transportation. Learn more here.

College in the Schools

College in the Schools (CiS) is available at PACT for eligible students in grades 10-12. The CiS program is designed to promote rigorous educational pursuits and more course options for students. 

The emotional maturity and level of responsibility of the students are major considerations for success in this program. Careful attention should be given to the student’s ability to work independently as well as the student’s self-discipline.

To ensure that a student has the best opportunity for success, it is essential that plans be coordinated with the school guidance counselor.


Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) is a Minnesota State funded program which allows high school students in grades 10-12 earn college credits that may also count towards completion of their high school graduation requirements. These courses may be taken on online or in person on the campus in which they enroll. The cost of tuition, fees, and required textbooks are paid for by the Minnesota Department of Education.

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