e-Learning Plan for Grades 3-12

When school is closed due to inclement weather, PACT students may participate in e-Learning days (up to five days in one school year). These days serve as student contact days. Families will be notified of an e-Learning day at least two hours prior to the normal school start time.
Students will complete coursework on Infinite Campus that is equivalent to the amount of time they would spend in class. Tasks must be completed during the regular hours of the e-Learning day. Teachers will interact with students by telephone and email. Assignments for elementary students will be due the following school day. Assignments for secondary students will be due at 3:10 pm.
Teachers will be accessible via telephone and email during class periods. Each teacher will post on Infinite Campus the number at which they would prefer to be contacted via telephone during the e-Learning day. The only time teachers are unavailable is during their scheduled prep and lunch times.


Elementary School Attendance

As during a regular school day, elementary teachers must take attendance at the beginning of the school day. Parents must email elementary homeroom teachers within the first 30 minutes of the school day for the student to be considered “present” for the school day. (If an email is sent after that time, the student will be recorded as “present” at the time the email was sent.)


Secondary School Attendance

As during a regular school day, secondary teachers must take attendance for every period. Secondary students must submit all coursework by the end of the day (3:10 pm) in order to be considered “present” in each class. Students that do not submit coursework by 3:10 pm for a specific class will be marked as “absent” in that class.


Students with IEPs/504 Plans

Students with IEPs or 504 plans will receive accessible digital instruction that addresses the students’ plans, under chapter 125A.


Families that Prefer Hard Copies of e-Learning Day Coursework

Families that would prefer hard copies must notify the PACT receptionist by October 15 of each school year. Teachers will then gather hard copies of work (within 14 days) and send the work home with the students to complete on the e-Learning days. Teachers will also include how students can contact them via telephone during the e-Learning days. All hard copies of work will be due the following school day.

If a student is completing hard copies of the work (rather than online), the parent must call the PACT receptionist within the first 30 minutes of the school day and leave a message that their child is “present” and completing the work.

Teachers must contact each student by telephone that is completing hard copies of the work during the class period, to answer any questions and support their learning.


Families that Choose Not to Participate in an e-Learning Day

Students whose family chooses to not participate in an e-Learning day are reported as absent, based on PACT’s Attendance Policy (Minnesota Statutes, section 120A.22, subdivision 12).


Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) e-Learning Days (MN Statutes, section 120A.414)

MDE outlines how Minnesota schools can implement e-Learning days. According to the statute:

  • “E-Learning day” means a school day where a school offers full access to online instruction provided by students’ individual teachers due to inclement weather.

  • Each student’s teacher must be accessible both online and by telephone during normal school hours to assist students.

  • Families must be notified at least two hours prior to the normal school start time that students need to follow the e-Learning day plan

  • The school must provide accommodations for students without sufficient access to the Internet, hardware, or software in their homes.

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