The primary purpose of the District Advisory Committee (DAC) is to monitor the continuous academic and nonacademic improvement of PACT Charter School. The committee will work with administration, staff, and the committees of the School Board to analyze data and recommend rigorous academic standards as student achievement goals for school improvement. (Reference MN Statute 120B.11, Subd 3)


Agendas are posted in advance of the meeting at the link below. Community members can observe the meeting, but can only speak during the Open Mic portion of the agenda.

District Advisory Meeting Agendas

Once approved, meeting minutes of the District Advisory Committee are posted at the link below:

District Advisory Meeting Minutes

District Advisory Committee Membership

The DAC will consist of two or more teachers or staff members (with representation from both the Elementary and Secondary programs), three or more parents, chairpersons/parent designees from the program and curriculum committees, and one or more students and community member(s). The Executive Directors and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Coordinator will be considered members by position. Parents, community members, and students may request membership through administration and are subject to School Board approval. The administration selects teachers/staff based upon experience, desire to serve in this capacity, and committee needs throughout the school. Teacher/staff committee members will be rotated every two to three years in a way that maintains a balance of new and returning members. The School Board will confirm the appointments of this committee.

2019-2020 District Advisory Committee Members

Kasie Peters
Chair | Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Coordinator
Jacki Kohman
DAC Member | Parent
Reed P.
DAC Member | Student
Sharon Stephens
DAC Member | Parent
Khloe Stinson
DAC Member | Parent
Cheryl Swenson
DAC Member | Staff
Ella H.
DAC Member | Student
Lisa Holmquist
DAC Member | Teacher
Amy Nelson
DAC Member | Teacher
Elilli Y.
DAC Member | Student

DAC Clerk

Michelle Tuley

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