Attendance Matters

Regular school attendance is essential for the academic success of students. We ask that families do their best to have their student in school every day to benefit all our students and teachers.

If your student will be absent, please call the attendance line by 9 a.m.

Vacations Require Prior Approval

If you are planning a family vacation, plan around the school calendar and non-school Fridays to preserve in-class instruction time. If that is not possible, contact the Assistant Director of Education, Jenelle Moehn (, for approval. You will need to let her know the number of days absent and how schoolwork and learning will be completed by the time your student returns to school so they are caught up and ready to join with the rest of the students in instruction. PACT Administration will have discretion with regards to vacation excused absences. Read the Attendance Policy for more details. 

Attendance Resources

Health Services

PACT’s Health Office is a busy place! We provide students with first aid, immunization monitoring, prescribed health procedures, monitoring of communicative diseases, assistance with individualized health plans for students with concerns, main health records, and crisis response.

A few reminders: 
  • If your student needs to take medication during the school day, please complete an Authorization for Administration of Medication Form. Have your physician sign the form requiring a prescription (this includes inhalers and nebulizer solution). All medications must be in the original container (send a small bottle for easier storage at school).
  • If your student is 12 years of age or older and needs an inhaler for asthma, please complete the Authorization for Administration of Medication Form (with the Self Administration of Medication portion completed) so that they can carry their inhaler. We do have a nebulizer in the Health Office, so if you would like to send a mask, tube, and neb solution, it will be available for your student if they should need it.
  • If your student is new to PACT or has new immunizations, please fill out the Student Immunization Form.
  • If your student has had a physical over the summer and will participate in any sports activity, a Sports Physical Form will need to be completed before they can participate in practice. This needs to be done every three years and should be uploaded via the online sports registration.
Finally, if your student has significant health needs, don't hesitate to contact the Health Office.

School Nurse

Shelly Olson
763-712-4200, ext. 115  |

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