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PACT Charter School
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  Secondary Student Council Handbook & Bylaws
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 May 2018
 Student Council  May 2018
 SPC  20170517

Secondary Student Council Handbook

  1. Dances

    1. Must check with the Facility Coordinator so that we may put the dance on the school calendar.
    2. Put dance date and time in the announcements two weeks in advance. PACT dress code does apply. Refer to the school dance policy and school dress code for dress code guidelines. Guest forms must be available two weeks in advance.
    3. Guest forms must be made available in the office. Student guests must have completed form with them when arriving or they will not be allowed to attend.
    4. The class/group/organization, in charge of the dance, is responsible for the following:
      1. Hiring a DJ and informing the DJ about song guidelines.
      2. Getting the required number of chaperones (see dance policy), including at least two (2) PACT secondary faculty members.
      3. Setup and teardown.
      4. Getting tickets printed and available to student council and store for distribution.
      5. Collect and deposit total money and tickets. As well as bring funds earned to the PACT Business Office.
  2. Spirit Week

    1. Elementary and Secondary Student Councils should meet at least once a year to create the Spirit Week days. There should be an agreement made well in advance of the Spirit week. Other Spirit Week days will be decided on by the Secondary Student Council.
    2. All posters promoting spirit week must be approved by administration. Once approval is received, posters should be posted around the school two weeks in advance. In addition, the days should be placed in the announcement a week prior and posted on the school website (calendar).
    3. PACT dress code applies at all times. Hats are only to be worn on school Fridays unless it is reasonable that hats suit the spirit day. Appropriateness will be up to the discretion of faculty.
  3. Collaboration with Elementary Student Council

    1. There should be one joint meeting at the beginning of each semester in September and February
      1. They will discuss:
        1. Spirit weeks
        2. Any problems that may arise between councils, the school, and the administrative office.
        3. Ways to build unity throughout the school (collaboratively)
        4. Way to build leadership skills and develop/train future leaders.
  4. Election Process

    1. Part One
      1. Faculty Advisor will post an election notice in the Student Announcements two weeks prior to the election
      2. An announcement will be made during morning announcements and during lunch informing the students of the upcoming election.
      3. During this time, interested students will pick up application forms from the front office.
      4. All forms and essays are due back to the Student Council Faculty Advisor. This due date will be posted in the original Student Announcement.
    2. Part Two
      1. Faculty Advisor will check over applications and essays. All students running for officer position will be notified by the Faculty Advisor that they will need to present their essay to the student body prior to the elections. At the discretion of the Faculty Advisor, essays may be edited.
      2. Faculty advisor will coordinate with administration and put the election date in the faculty announcements giving Advisory Coordinator prior warning so that the elections can occur during advisory time.
      3. All students running for an officer position will give their written speech on a closed circuit broadcast to the advisories prior to voting.
      4. Faculty Advisor will send election survey out to single grade advisors for distribution.
      5. All results of election are tallied by the survey website.
      6. In the Student Announcements the following school day, the results will be read.
  5. Attendance at Programing Meetings

    1. All Secondary Student Council members must attend one (1) Secondary Programing Committee Meeting per semester. Students must be at the meeting for at least 60 minutes or until Student Council gives their report, whichever is longer.
    2. There must be at least three members of Secondary Student Council at every Secondary Programming meeting.
    3. One (1) of the five (5) officers must be in attendance at every Secondary Programing Committee
      Note: Joint Programing is optional, but Secondary Programing is required.
  6. How to Run a Meeting

    1. The Student Council meeting will be run according to Roberts’ Rules of Order as stated in the Student Council By laws in Article VII Section 5
    2. “5. Advisors shall call to order the first one (1) or two (2) new Student Council meetings according to Robert's Rules, in order to set an example of proper Student Council meetings procedures and to facilitate the election of Student Council Officers the following year, in accordance with Article VII of the Secondary Student Council By laws.”
    3. The meeting is to be run in order of Robert Rules:
      1. President calls the meeting to order.
      2. Meeting agenda and last meeting minutes must be approved.
      3. President carries the meeting and keeps the peace, brings Student Council through the agenda in a timely manner.
      4. President will close the meeting with Student Council Member approval.
  7. The School Store

    1. The Store provides various food items for all students in 7th through 12th grade during the lunch hour.
    2. Members are expected to be available to work in the school store.
    3. The treasurer buys the food and restocks the store as needed.
    4. Accounting of funds is to be handled in the following manner: once a week the deposit should be dropped in the safe located in the copier room under the counter in a filled out deposit envelope. $50 in cash and change will be required to stay in the cash register at all times.
    5. Sanitation of the School Store is to be accomplished in the following manner: upon opening the store, all trash within the store must be picked up and the counter wiped down. The floor must be sweeped, trash emptied out, and items restocked upon closing.
  8. Community Projects

    1. Adopt-a-Family
      1. Families will be selected during the Christmas holidays
      2. Take gift donations for the families and then wrap the gifts
      3. The school will deliver the gifts to the families
  9. Representing PACT Charter School

    1. Tours of the building - Student Council members will have opportunities to give tours of the school to prospective students and parents. A script with commonly asked questions will be provided as well as direction for how to give a tour. This is a great opportunity for the Student council to make a good first impression on potential incoming families and continue to develop their leadership skills.
  10. Pep Rallies

    1. The Secondary Student Council plans and runs the pep rallies. These are generally held in the beginning of the year, at the beginning of the winter sports season, and in the spring.
    2. The purposes for pep rallies are to:
      1. Build school spirit
      2. Introduce student council to the school
      3. Build enthusiasm for teams and programs throughout the school
      4. Promote upcoming student council and sports events
      5. Provide leadership in the building school spirit
  11. By laws of PACT Charter School Secondary Student Council

    1. Refer to the Bylaws of the PACT Charter School Secondary Student Council




Bylaws of the PACT Charter School Secondary Student Council

Article I: NAME

The organization shall be known as the PACT Charter School Secondary Student Council.


The PACT Charter School Student Council will be a student-led organization committed to student life at school through projects that promote the general welfare of our school and community, while developing leadership among its members.


The PACT Charter School Student Council will allow student leaders to help govern student affairs and give opportunities to voice opinions, concerns, ideas, and plans in a proper manner. It will work toward developing leadership qualities and organizational skills while establishing better communication patterns between students, faculty, administration, and parents. The Student Council will work within established guidelines to create an environment of unity for all of PACT Charter School.


  1. The Student Council membership shall consist of no more than 23 voting members.
    1. The Student Council Memberships shall include elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Publicist, and Treasurer, each of which will serve a two year term.
    2. Students from grades 9-12 shall fill the offices of President and Vice President, Secretary, Publicist, and Treasurer. In the event that no students run for these office, the position will first be filled by an internal election from the elected 9th-12th grades representatives. If no 9th-12th grade representatives fills the office of President and/or Vice President, Secretary, Publicist, and Treasurer a Special election will be held, school wide, to fill these position.
    3. The Student council membership shall include up to three elected representatives from each grade. Each representative will serve one-year term.
    4. In the event that a grade/class does not elect any/three representatives, the elected Student Council will decide whether or not to fill the vacant position(s) through special elections.
    5. The Student Council membership shall include at least one non-voting Faculty Advisor.
    6. Any PACT student may become a representative member or officer of student council, including students participating in full time PSEO.
    7. Of the three elected representatives per grade, only two may be filled by students participating in PSEO.
  2. Any member will be removed from the office for the following reasons:
    1. (Bylaws sections A - C below are per Student Council discretion and 2/3 vote)
    2. ...for having three unexcused meeting absences in a semester...
      (An absence may be excused at the discretion of an Advisor. Unexcused absences
      may include but are not limited to: serving detention, unexcused absence from school, failing to give notice of an absence to an Advisor, etc.)
    3. ...for being suspended, in or out of school...
    4. ...for failure to carry out his/her duties and by a ⅔ vote...
    5. ...for failure to fulfill eligibility requirements more than once (see Article VI, Sec. A11)
  3. When a member is removed from office, the removed member has one school week (at least four (4) day) to notify Student Council of their intent to be reinstated. Reinstatement is at Student Council Advisor’s discretion and Student Council ⅔ vote. If the affected member does not wish to be reinstated, the affected grade advisor and their class shall then be notified, applications shall follow and election shall be held within one week of notification, barring obstacles in scheduling.
  4. Student Council Members shall abide by all membership guidelines according to Position Descriptions (see Appendix A) and Article VI.


  1. The Student Council shall meet once a week or bi-weekly at the discretion of the Student Council and Advisor on a day determined by the current Student Council members.
  2. Meeting of the Student Council shall be held after school.
  3. The President and/or Advisor may call special meeting whenever necessary. Meetings shall not conflict with regular class schedules without the permission of the Administrator, and special consideration will be given for absences.
  4. A majority of the present Student Council membership and Faculty Advisor shall constitute a quorum.
  5. Students who would like to speak formally (as part of the agenda) at a Student Council meeting must submit a written request to the Student Council President and Advisor one week prior to coming to the meeting.
  6. Students who would like to informally address the Student Council with a concern, idea, or other topic, can do so during the Open Microphone portion of a regular meeting.
  7. Regularly scheduled Student Council meetings will be listed on the school events calendar.


  1. The powers and Duties of the Student Council shall be:
    1. To act as Student representatives
      Students may express their opinions and concerns directly to their grade/class Student Council representative and can expect a response in a timely manner.
      To promote involvement in school activities.
    2. To promote cooperation between teachers, students, administration, and parents.
    3. To organize and promote cooperation between the secondary and elementary levels by working with the elementary Student Council.
    4. To maintain organizational and ethical accountability for Class Representatives in regard to planning spirit week, fundraisers, class activities (see Appendix B), etc.
    5. To organize and promote general and special elections.
    6. To help maintain honorable physical appearance among students and our school.
    7. Student Council members must maintain eligibility as per the Family Handbook policy.
    8. After a Student Council member is academically ineligible for the 2nd time, he/she shall be removed from office for the remainder of the year.


  1. There shall be at least one Advisor for the Student Council - faculty member
  2. The Faculty Advisor should apply through human resources.
    1. Student Council members may, however, bring forth positive suggestions and recommendations about Advisor selections.
    2. The Advisor shall attend all Student Council meetings, unless excused by Student Council President or Administration.
    3. Advisors shall have no voting power.
    4. Advisors may voice faculty opinions, bring up issues relevant to the student body and/or suggest possible solutions.
    5. The Advisor shall call to order the first one (1) or two (2) new Student Council meetings according to Robert’s Rules, in order to set an example of proper Student Council meeting procedures and to facilitate the election of Student Council offices for the following year, in accordance with Article VIII


  1. Potential Student Council Members must meet preliminary qualifications to be allowed on the ballot.
    1. Students must complete a Candidate Application, which includes:
      1. 100 word written description of their reason for running
      2. Sign-off from all the current teachers verifying current grades
      3. Parent signature
    2. Student must prove eligibility according to Article VI, Section ALL.
  2. General Elections shall be held in May for the following year
    1. Elections for Student Council members will be supervised through advisory.
    2. Each student will receive a link to a survey, with the names of those running for office. Surveys will be completed during advisory.
    3. Each student will receive only one link for their grade/class and the students running for an officer's position.
    4. The Faculty Advisor will receive all tallied election results from survey website and share with the current 12th grade representatives so they can distribute the results.


The Student Council may, by a two-thirds (⅔) vote of membership, exercise from time to time, the power of recommending to the Administration and/or Secondary Programing Committee an amendment to the Student Council Bylaws. All amendments to be discussed shall be given at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting. Any changes in the Bylaws must be presented to the Secondary Programing committee for final approval.


Appendix A

Job Descriptions of Student Council Members


  • Fulfill a two-year term as President
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Propose ideas to the Student Council
  • Type and distribute the agenda for the meeting, Coordinate member participation in meetings, events, etc.
  • Work closely with the Vice President
  • Attend the Secondary Programing meetings to assist in the Student Council report
  • Organize special all-school events with the help of other council members


Vice President

  • Fulfill a two-year term as Vice President
  • Fulfill responsibilities of the office of President when the President is either absent or no longer in office
  • Assist the President
  • Attend Secondary Programing meetings to assist President in making the Student Council report
  • Make proposals to Student Council



  • Fulfill a two-year term as Treasurer
  • Coordinate finances of the Student Council with the Business Office
  • Maintain records of income, expenditures, and inventory related to Student Council funds
  • Make a financial report at the first Student Council meeting each month
  • Coordinate financial matters related to fundraising events
  • Purchase inventory and stock the school store regularly



  • Fulfill a two-year term as Secretary
  • Take minutes at meetings
  • Type and distribute meeting minutes at the beginning of the meeting, or earlier upon request.
  • Maintain a binder or online folder of approved minutes
  • Post approved minutes on the Student Bulletin Board within two (2) days of the meeting upon request of a student
  • Assists with Student Council events/activities



  • Organize the bulletin board regularly
  • Create the tickets for dances and send them to the dance coordinator and advisor
  • Help design and organize the posters for school spirit weeks and other events



  • Fulfill a one-year term
  • Communicate with each class during monthly class meetings
  • Act as a representative of his/her class
  • Help facilitate Student Council activities/events
  • Attend at least one (1) Secondary Programing meeting each semester
  • Make proposals to Student Council
  • Hear concerns/comments from students



  • Help facilitate weekly Student Council meetings
  • Work with President/Vice President to implement Student Council/Secondary Programing activities/ events
  • Act as liaison with the Secondary Programing Committee and Administration
  • Coordinate learning experiences for Student Council members
  • Facilitate Student Council election process


All Student Council Positions

  • Attend weekly or bi-weekly Student Council meetings
  • Participate in discussion of Student Council topics
  • Actively work to implement Student Council activities/events
  • Act as liaison to the Secondary Programing Committee
  • Represent PACT Charter school by using good judgment, acting appropriately maintaining eligibility and good attendance



Appendix B

Fundraisers/ activities Planned and/or Sponsored by Grade Classes

Grade classes may use the Student Council as a resource for eliciting help with a fundraisers and/or activities. Student Council has ample opportunities and ideas available for fundraisers and/or activities that could be sponsored by grade classes.


Appendix C

Secondary Student Council Lettering Criteria

In order to letter in Student Council, members must meet the following criteria:

  • Miss no more that two (2) regularly scheduled meetings each semester for any reason other than participation in another PACT extra-curricular
  • Miss no more than one (1) scheduled activity during the year
  • Complete action points and duties assigned by the council
  • Remain eligible during the entire elected term according to the PACT eligibility criteria
  • Fulfill responsibilities as set forth in the member job description
  • Attend the required amount of Programming meetings


Appendix D

Distribution of Student Council Funds Policy

Funds are collected, donated, or earned as profit in the Student Council accounts(s). The Student Council Treasurer shall establish an anticipated budget in August for the upcoming school year to include revenues and expenditures. While excess funds may be allowed to accumulate from year to year anticipating future expenses, these funds are not intended for the use of individuals or small groups of students outside the following guidelines. A separate fund each year will be created with the purpose of supporting the sports teams, use of this fund will be voted on by Student Council.

Distribution of funds must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Student Leadership training and the development of Student Council members
  • Enhancement of the whole student body


Content coming soon!


Student Council Advisor: Mrs. Whitby


Secondary Student Council Handbook and Bylaws (PDF)