201 - Election Policy for Elected Committees


PACT Charter School

Original Creation Date: July 1994
Last Approved By: PACT Charter School Board of Directors
Last Approved Date: December 1, 2022
Year Reviewed: 2022-2023



In April, elections shall be held annually for the Board of Directors and the Budget and Finance Committee. These committees typically consist of members with staggered three-year terms so that approximately one-third of the members are elected each year. The number of positions to be elected is determined yearly based on vacancies. Total positions:


School Board (see bylaws): 

  1. Board Treasurer;
  2. One (1) community member;
  3. Three (3) parents; and
  4. Five (5) teachers. The elected teaching representatives shall consist of the following, but if an appropriate level teacher is not running, other qualified candidates will fill the position by appointment:
  • One (1) Secondary teacher (grades 7-12)
  • One (1) Elementary teacher (grades K-6)
  • Three (3) at-large teachers (Elementary, Secondary, or K-12).

Budget and Finance Committee: six (6) total parent members.


The nominating team consists of one (1) representative from the Board of Directors, one (1) representative from Budget and Finance, the Lead Clerk, and the Enrollment and Volunteer Coordinator. They will begin the nomination process on the first day school is in session in March.  Nominations will close on March 31.

The Election shall be held the Friday before the fourth Tuesday in April and will be open for five (5) school days, or other dates determined by the Board of Directors. The election ends on the fourth Tuesday in April.

In the case of an electronic ballot failure, the election will be held by the third Friday in May.


Election Eligibility

An individual will be considered qualified to run for the Board of Directors as a parent or teacher representative if they have at least 12 months of experience at PACT at the time they will be seated. All candidates and write-ins must meet eligibility requirements when the election ends for votes for that candidate to be counted. In addition to the above qualifications, the following criteria are set forth for each of the outlined categories:

  1. Community Member: an individual with no current connection to PACT or any previous connection in the last one (1) year. Connections to PACT include having previously been employed by or having an immediate family member employed by PACT, having previously attended PACT, or having an immediate family member who attends or previously attended PACT. The community member involvement intends to provide an outside perspective for the benefit of PACT. The one-year time frame is intended to allow the development of an outside perspective if the person had previous ties to PACT.
  2. Parent: an individual who is the parent or guardian of a current PACT student. The parent member cannot be employed by PACT at the time of their nomination or in any capacity during their Board term. The individual shall not have been an employee for at least 12 months before nomination.
  3. Teacher: an individual who serves in a current teaching capacity at PACT and anticipates the continuance of that status during their term. An Elementary teacher must fill the Elementary Teacher Representative, and a Secondary Teacher must fill the Secondary Teacher Representative position unless a qualified candidate cannot be found. Either may fill the At-Large Teacher Representative positions.
  4. Board Treasurer: an individual who meets the qualifications of either parent or community member. This individual shall not have any financial conflicts of interest in regard to PACT, such as being employed in any manner or having a family member employed by PACT. They shall not be employed by PACT for at least 12 months before nomination.


If an elected member vacates their position by written notification presented to the Lead Clerk or dies during their term, the vacancy will be filled by Board appointment and will be effective until the end of the term.


Election Voting Eligibility

  1. Any natural, step, or foster parent or any legal guardian of a student enrolled at PACT shall have one (1) vote.
  2. All paid staff shall have one (1) vote.
  3. All PACT School Board members shall have one (1) vote.
  4. No one may have more than one (1) vote.

Voters will be notified at least 30 days before an upcoming election and reminded when the voting is open.



  1. The voter database will be reviewed to ensure all eligible voters have been included in the database and that no ineligible voters are in the database.
  2. At least 30 days before the election, notice will be provided to all eligible voters of the  Board of Directors election dates.
  3. Voting instructions will be emailed to voters via the primary email address on file.
  4. A reminder to vote will be emailed in the morning on the last voting day.
  5. Voting will be open for five (5) school days.
  6. A computer will be made available in the school office for voting.


Election Timeline

  1. February - The Board Chair presents the timeline for the forthcoming election. The Board identifies representatives for the nominating team and finalizes dates for voting. Elected Committee members from the School Board and the Budget and Finance Committee make known their intent to run for the upcoming election (to be noted in their February minutes). (If they do not meet in February, they will be asked to confirm via email, which will be noted in the March minutes.)
  2. March – Call for nominations is placed in the school newsletter and website. Nominations will be due by the last calendar day in March. The nominating team meets to identify potential candidates for nomination to run for open positions and contacts them to determine interest.
  3. April  – The Board accepts the official ballot. Ballots are emailed to eligible voters the Friday before the fourth Tuesday in April. Election dates are the Friday before the fourth Tuesday in April through the fourth Tuesday in April, five (5) school days.
  4. After elections close – Election results are compiled, the Board Chair contacts all candidates to confirm continued interest, and the Board confirms elections at the May meeting. Once confirmed, winners' names appear in the meeting minutes.
  5. Assumption of Office – Newly elected members attend May meetings as “members in training” and are seated at the June meetings. New members are requested to participate in all meetings between their election and their assumption of office so they can make informed decisions. Outgoing members attend the June meeting to assist with the transition until the new business is addressed. The induction will occur before New Business, when voting privileges transfer from old members to new members.



Legal References

Minn. Stat. § 124E.07

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