Support Services

The support services department at PACT is a team of specialized professionals dedicated to assuring a free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Our team serves children in grades K-12.

To qualify for special education services, a student needs to be evaluated and meet the criteria for a specific disability area outlined by the Minnesota Department of Education. In addition, the student needs to show that their disability impacts their academic achievement that requires a need for support services. For example, some students will have a medical diagnosis but not demonstrate an educational need and would not qualify. In addition, some students will be eligible for an educational diagnosis but will not have a medical diagnosis.

Student Support Services

Disabilities which may qualify for support services are defined below:
Specific Learning Disability (SLD)
A large difference or discrepancy between a student’s intellectual ability and her/his achievement in the areas of reading, math, written expression, oral expression, and/or listening comprehension; severe underachievement in academic work and severe difficulty in processing information.

Support Services Faculty


Lead of Support Services

Kathi Molinari
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Image - Jill Borchers

Elementary Support Services Teacher

Jill Borchers
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Image - Michelle Goodrich

Elementary Support Services Teacher

Michelle Goodrich
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Image - PACT Logo

Elementary Support Services Teacher

Image - marks

English Language Teacher

Kayla Marks
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Image - ellison

Secondary Support Services Teacher

Lindsey Ellison
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Image - Oolman

Secondary Support Services Teacher

Kerry Oolman
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Image - Nancy Sonntag

Secondary Support Services Teacher

Nancy Sonntag
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Image - Marcy Tipton

Secondary Support Services Teacher

Marcy Tipton
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Image - Nancy Lloyd

K-12 Support Services Teacher

Nancy Lloyd
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Image - Abbey Swanson

K-12 Support Services Teacher

Abbey Swanson
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Image - PACT Logo

Response to Intervention Teacher (3-6)

Michelle Jones
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Image - Lauren Clements

Speech Pathologist

Lauren Clements
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Image - Jill Borchers

Title I Teacher

Johanna Santiago
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