Exploration and Formation

The middle school experience is where we see our students in grades 6-8 begin to challenge themselves by exploring the world around them. PACT programs and curriculum test the student in core subject areas but offers more opportunities in the arts, honors, and language. 

Extracurricular activities are also open to middle school students in most sports and fine art activities. 


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Our Grade 6 Experience

Students in grade 6 will experience life as middle schoolers in a special wing of our Secondary Campus. The grouping of four classrooms is taught by four sixth-grade teachers with specialized core areas of expertise. The students stay together as a group, traveling to different teachers for each subject area. They will eat lunch together in the cafeteria, and each day, students will experience one "specials class," which rotates daily between art, PE, study skills, and music. They end the day in their homeroom for advisory. 

Our sixth-graders will participate in middle school activities, pep rallies, sports, etc., along with our students in grades 7 and 8. The students will also have 8th-grade mentors - it’s an easy transition into the middle school experience!

Instructional Methods

Our teaching methods and curriculum aim to promote higher-level thinking in students, meet them at their ability level and help them reach their full potential. This is accomplished in various ways, including:

  • Incorporating multiple intelligences: logical, intrapersonal, musical, kinesthetic, spatial, linguistic, naturalistic, interpersonal
  • Incorporating research-based student engagement techniques
  • Teaching students how to research using a variety of resources
  • Integrating subjects and cross-curricular projects when appropriate
  • Providing an emotionally and physically safe, positive learning environment
  • Working collaboratively
  • Training students in decision-making
  • Differentiating instruction

According to the 2022 Climate Survey

86% of Secondary parents are satisified with PACT.

85% of Secondary parents affirm their student’s Mastery of Grade Level Learning.

86% of Secondary parents value PACT’s Qualified staff members.

Academic Standards

The Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards are the statewide expectations for student learning in K-12 public schools. Charter schools determine how their students will meet the standards and benchmarks by developing courses, curricula, and instruction. Learn how to understand the K-12 standards here.

Standards approved by the Minnesota Department of Education and the Legislature are listed here:

To learn more about academic standards, visit the Minnesota Department of Education website.

Core Courses

Language Arts
We use quality literature to inspire and demonstrate the importance of ethical behavior. Reading instruction includes the use of market curriculum resources, including anthologies and leveled readers, as well as teacher-made units. Students continue to work on reading skills by exploring different genres. There is a focus on writing, grammar, and speaking to ready them for adult life and post-secondary education options. Whenever possible, students read literature selections based on what is currently being studied in social studies or science.
  • Language Arts - Grade 7
  • Language Arts - Grade 8

Elective Courses

Physical Education/Health
  • Health - Grade 7
  • Physical Education - Grade 7
  • Physical Education - Grade 8

Course Information

Unique Learning Opportunities

Honors Program (grades 7-8)

An honors option may be available in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Typically, honors work will be integrated into the standard classroom through differentiated instruction. Students who elect this option will be challenged through a deeper analysis of topics covered, allowing them to apply higher-level thinking skills. In addition, honors students may be covering advanced coursework and may have alternate writing expectations, and may complete different assignments/projects than the standard course. These may include but are not limited to tiered assignments, project menus, integration matrixes, and essay exams. 

To participate, a student must have earned a grade of "B" or higher in the previous course in the same discipline, and/or have the recommendation and approval of the instructor. At the beginning of the semester, students will complete an honors application and sign a contract with their teacher outlining the requirements for the course. 

Classroom Support

Independent Study Choice (ISC)

The Independent Study Choice (ISC) room serves the whole Secondary student body and is monitored throughout the entire school day by a room monitor. The room is used for a variety of reasons that include, but are not limited to:

  • Students working on an approved online course while not currently scheduled in a seat-based course during the same time.
  • Students making up tests or assignments due to absence.
  • Students participating in the PSEO program waiting for their PACT campus class to begin.

Classroom Management

Love and Logic

The Love and Logic approach is a behavior management program that has been very effective in dealing with issues in the classroom. It neutralizes arguing, offers delayed consequences, shows empathy, and develops a positive teacher-student relationship. It’s a way to set enforceable limits that prevent power struggles and guide students to own and solve their problems. It has been a valuable tool for PACT’s teachers that allows them to enjoy time with their students!

To support our Love and Logic discipline philosophy, our Secondary program utilizes a School Discipline Support Room. The room is used as a tool for teachers and students to work out behavior issues after school. This allows students to stay in the classroom during the day, so they do not miss out on instruction. The room is staffed by a teacher and runs after school from 3:15-4:15 p.m., as needed.

Middle School Faculty

Image - Pam Backowski

Grade 6 Teacher

Pam Backowski
Email  |  Bio
Image - Christensen

Grade 6 Teacher

Ashley Christensen
Email  |  Bio
Image - Jake Doetkott

Grade 6 Teacher

Jake Doetkott
Email  |  Bio
Image - Amanda Mackereth

Business and Computer Science Teacher

Amanda Mackereth
Email  |  Bio
Image - Jennifer Roufs

French Teacher

Jennifer Roufs
Email  |  Bio
Image - Marquise Myles

Graphic Arts Teacher

Marquise Myles
Email  |  Bio
Image - Tim Taylor

Industrial Arts Teacher

Tim Taylor
Email  |  Bio
Image - Bridget Canfield

Language Arts Teacher

Bridget Canfield
Email  |  Bio
Image - Anita Douglas

Language Arts Teacher

Anita Douglas
Email  |  Bio
Image - Rachel Kurtti

Language Arts Teacher

Rachelle Kurtti
Email  |  Bio
Image - Christal Ruppert

Language Arts Teacher

Christal Ruppert
Email  |  Bio
Image - Griffin McShane

Math Teacher

Griffin McShane
Email  |  Bio
Image - Sarah Thorsten

Math Teacher

Sarah Thorsten
Email  |  Bio
Image - Emma Hedberg

Music/Band Teacher

Emma Hedberg
Email  |  Bio
Image - micah reynolds

Music/Choir Teacher

Micah Reynolds
Email  |  Bio
Image - Sharon Churchill

Physical Education and Health Teacher

Sharon Churchill
Email  |  Bio
Image - Mark Slechta

Physical Education and Health Teacher

Mark Slechta
Email  |  Bio
Image - alan swanson

Science Teacher

Alan Swanson
Email  |  Bio
Image - carrie thomas

Science Teacher

Carrie Thomas
Email  |  Bio
Image - Tom Schwartzbauer

Social Studies Teacher

Tom Schwartzbauer
Email  |  Bio
Image - Ryan Thompson

Social Studies Teacher

Ryan Thompson
Email  |  Bio
Image - Jayme Lissell

Spanish Teacher

Jayme Lisell
Email  |  Bio
Image - Beth Olson

Visual Arts Teacher

Beth Olson
Email  |  Bio

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