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PACT is growing!

PACT continues to drive toward an expansion that will allow us to open a Secondary Campus in the fall of 2023. This growth opportunity is exciting for our current students and allows more students from the area to get off our waiting lists and into our classrooms! The new location will expand our program offerings, build extracurricular programs, and increase our reach and reputation in the community. 

PACT has retained the services of J.B. Vang Development Management Services to assist with the expansion project, and Pope Design Group for architecture and design.


7729 - 161st Avenue Northwest
Ramsey, Minnesota 55303

The land parcel is the 18 acres between Central Park in Ramsey and the St. Katharine Drexel Church property. It’s located on 161st Ave NW between Armstrong Blvd NW and Variolite Street NW. The parcel has a beautiful line of trees and wetlands and provides a gorgeous backdrop for the new Secondary Campus.

Building Plans

Current plans for the new Secondary Campus include more classrooms, a larger and more open library media center, more art/industrial classrooms, a football stadium, a track, a gym, and auditorium. This dream has been shared with the architects creating layouts for the new building. Costs will be determined once a design is set, and budget approvals will need to be finalized.  

Disclaimer: All images used are for illustrative purposes and intended to convey concepts and vision. They may change as work progresses and do not necessarily represent a true and accurate depiction of the final finished floor plans, layout, or design.


With input from the parents and teachers on the District Advisory Committee, the administration has been working hard to determine class offerings and electives at the new Secondary Campus. Many of these decisions affect building design and space needs. The challenge has matched the excitement of more electives with core classes, graduation requirements, and keeping our non-school Fridays. Exciting offerings are planned in all areas, especially concurrent enrollment and more hands-on courses.


Staffing will double across K-12 between 2023 and 2028, including teacher, para, and school support roles. In addition, some positions will be responsible for both campuses and commuting between the two. 


The expansion plan allows PACT to increase our grade sizes by 100% between 2023 and 2028. For the Secondary Campus, grades 6-9 will be expanded by 50-100% in the first year, and each of those grades will then feed into the next grade as they advance to the next level until we are at total capacity by 2028. This leaves open the possibility to grow faster based on interest and capacity. 

On the Elementary Campus, grades K-2 will double by two sections, and grades 3-5 will gain an extra section in 2023 to increase by 50%. The classrooms will then increase in the years following until we reach four sections for each grade level.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

On October 6, 2022, PACT broke ground on its new Secondary Campus in a ceremony filled with memories of the past and excitement for the future.

Follow the Build

Watch the progress of our new Secondary Campus!

Facilities Committee Members

Constructing a facility like PACT's Secondary Campus took grit and determination; here are a few people who made this dream a reality as members of the Facilities Committee (FAC):

Josh Nyquist
  |  FAC Chair
Executive Director of Building Operations  |  Email

Ben Poidinger  |  FAC Vice-Chair
Activities Director  |  Email

Christine Erntson  |  FAC Secretary
Director of Communication and Community Engagement  |  Email

Pam Backowski
Grade 6 Teacher  |  Email

Mike Bjokne
Parent  |  Email

Jason Busch
School Board of Director  |  Parent  |  Email

Bridget Canfield
Secondary Language Arts Teacher  |  Email

Lindsey Ellison
Secondary Support Services Teacher  |  Email

Julie Grawey
Parent  |  Email

Brad Lawrence
School Board Treasurer  |  Parent  |  Email

Jenelle Moehn
Assistant Director of Education  |  Email

Matthew Nelson
Facilities Director  |  Email

Romelle Pornschloegl
Executive Director of Secondary Education  |  Email

Paul Scanlon
Executive Director of Elementary Education  |  Email

Toessawat Suparat
Technology Coordinator  |  Email

*Various staff and parents will be brought in to meet/consult as needed.

The Latest Updates

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"Building an ImPACT" Logo

The "Building an ImPACT" project is underway, and our new campaign logo has a lot of meaning!

The frame on the left symbolizes the current building. The structure on the right represents the new building. The year 1994 is when PACT was founded, and 2023 will be when the new facility opens, and a new era of PACT Charter School begins! The trees symbolize both the wooded landscape of our new property and the growth of both students and our school as a whole.

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8:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 

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8:00 a.m. - 3:05 p.m. 

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