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Extracurricular Activities

At PACT, extracurricular activities are integral to the school experience. We provide these opportunities as a commitment to a quality, well-rounded education that mentally and physically challenges students. We offer coaches who build young men and women of character in the classroom, court, and field.

We are proud of our students' abilities across more than 30 sports and organizations. More than 500 students participate each year, and we are committed to offering as many opportunities for our students as possible. In some cases, we have built cooperative agreements with local schools so our students can benefit from various sports a small school can’t offer -- things like gymnastics and hockey!

Get involved and take advantage of everything PACT has to offer.

Go Panthers!

Fall Sports

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Boys Soccer

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Girls Soccer

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Girls Volleyball

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Cross Country (co-op)

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Girls Swim & Dive (co-op)

Winter Sports

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Boys Basketball

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Girls Basketball

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Girls Gymnastics (co-op)

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Boys Hockey (co-op)

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Ski & Snowboard

Spring Sports

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Boys Lacrosse (co-op)

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Track and Field (co-op)

Fine Arts

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Link Crew

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Secondary Student Council

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Elementary Safety Patrol

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Secondary Safety Patrol

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Elementary Student Council

The Details

Student Participation

School Attendance
  • Any student not in attendance for at least half a school day (four full class periods) may not participate in extracurricular activities that day (including practices).
  • Any student who receives an out-of-school suspension for any length of time may not participate in (or attend) extracurricular activities while they are suspended. They must also miss one contest after they have returned to school.
  • Any student who receives an in-school suspension may practice, but they must miss one full half of the next contest.
  • Any student who is absent due to religious activity, family emergency, or traumatic event (i.e., funeral) may participate in a contest that day.

Activity Fees

Activity Fees
  • The fees/payments for an activity must be received before the first practice session or activity date. Fees are based on the participant's team assignment, not grade level.
  • All fees should be paid to PACT Charter School. Fees are non-refundable after two weeks of an activity or sport. Refunds are issued up to two weeks, or until the first contest played unless there is a medical issue. The exception to this policy is for dance. This refund will be minus the cost of the uniform that has been ordered.
  • Payment plans may be available. Contact the Business Office for information.
  • If a student wishes to participate in a sport that PACT does not offer, a cooperative agreement must be formed with another school. The families participating in this cooperative agreement are responsible for initiating the process through administration and communication, as requested, with the participating school. PACT also needs assurances that any classes missed due to participation will fall within PACT guidelines in order to attain credit for classes.
See Activity Fee Schedule. 


Permission For Riding To / From Events
  1. PACT Charter School will make best efforts to provide transportation to/from all away events, and if necessary, to any off-site practices or home events.
  2. Students MUST ride the bus when returning home from an away contest unless the activity leader/coach receives a signed permission slip form before leaving the school. This form allows a student to ride home with a parent or sibling. Students will not be allowed to ride home from contests with non-family members unless it is an emergency. Electronic communication to the activity leader/coach 24 hours before departure may be substituted for a permission form. Decline Transportation Form
  3. Students may not, under any circumstances, transport other students (except for a sibling) from one school event to another.
  4. When traveling to/from events, students will be required to sit separately according to gender.
  5. If a student must be transported by a staff member in a personal vehicle, a parent will be contacted for permission prior to or have signed a waiver permitting this transport. If a parent cannot be reached for permission, the student will remain at PACT and need to be picked up.

Awards and Lettering

Lettering Requirements
  1. Athletes must attend 90% of the scheduled practices.
  2. Athletes must have played in 75% of the available varsity periods (quarters, halves, or games, depending on the sport).
  3. Athletes must not have violated any of the Minnesota State High School League rules.
  4. Athletes must not have been found academically ineligible twice during the season.
  5. Athletes must finish the season as a member of the team.
  6. Team requirements
  7. A coach can make an exception to the lettering requirements with the approval of the activities director.


TRIA Orthopedics
PACT has partnered with TRIA Orthopedics to offer on-site athletic training to our athletes. Learn more here.

Forms | Resources


Expected Student Behavior / Discipline
  1. Students are to abide by the rules and policies that are in effect while attending school and/or school-related functions (See PACT Family Handbook regarding rules for expected behavior and discipline guidelines). Code of Conduct
  2. Any student who is asked to leave an extracurricular activity for disciplinary reasons shall not be eligible to compete or participate in another activity for that particular season, trimester, or semester. Any activity fees collected are non-refundable.
  3. Advisors/Coaches will notify the administrator of violations of the rules. Consequences may include suspension from the team, activity, or school for a period of time.
  4. Suspensions will follow MSHSL guidelines where necessary.

Facility Use

Building use is regulated by the Facilities Director, Activities Director and Chief Executive Director and MUST be approved in advance (see 814 - Building Use and Rental Policy.

School Spirit

PACT School Song

Go Panthers Go!

Stand up and cheer, the Panthers are here.

Red, black and white, we'll fight, fight, fight!

P-A-C-T Panthers are we. We are a noble pride.

We will fight for eternity. Our strength we cannot hide.

Prowling and growling, that is what we do.

Never give up, we'll see it through

From start to end our pride will never bend.

Go, Panthers, go!

Go, Panthers, go!

Music by Lynn Richter | 
Song lyrics by Richter and PACT students

Sheet music

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